lunedì 5 agosto 2013

Bag passion in this time.

Hi minna!!!
Today is my free day from work...so i made a new post before go out.
I know that we're in the middle of summer, but im not normal girl, so i already think about this winter shopping XD.
In my fav shops i've see the new collection...and are really lovelyy*__*!!

Expecially now i'm fixed whit the bag.

Ahh....i relly love shoes and bag, i dont'  get enough of then.

So, searching some cute bag, i find a wonderfull brand that make wonderfull bag: Fixdesign!! 
I dont' know if you know it, i discover it some year ago, and i think that they made beautifull dress and other...but the price are so hight ç_ç!!

This are some pic of the past collection:

But the best thing are the bag*_*!! I really want all xD!! Some week ago,a girl who comes to the store where I work, she had one. A super cute summer bag....**!!
So when i come back to home, i was in the web store...and i find the paradise.
They are some sample...take a look.
 This style remember me Liz Lisa a lot^^

 And i love this straw bags whit furry ...are stunning!!

In the and...i've buy one of this XD!! My summer bag is old, so i wanted change whit this:

I was lucky to find it a good price ... on sale on the site costs 115 euro !!!
Now i hope that arrived me soon *_*

 Soo...now i think go to play a little whit my Ps 3...i too hot for go out now XD!! Byeee!!

12 commenti:

  1. adoro fix-design.. peccato per i prezzi non alla portata di tutti.. infatti spero nei ribassi delle vecchie collezioni..
    w Ps3.. :)

    1. già...costano davvero tantissimo é-è.
      è un peccato perchè fanno cose molto belline,,se le vendesseroa meno sicuro molti li comprerebbero.

      ps...yeahh!! ho appena finito il nuovo tomb raider..ahh..stupendo**!!anche tu giochi alla play?^^

  2. OMG :3. They`re all so cute ...but so expensive TwT. I don`t think I`ll ever have the chance to buy a bag from them , but they`re so cute . I think I want them all TwT.

    1. yeah..you've right honey ç_ç!! i love the furry bag...and this are wonderfull.

  3. those bags are really adorable*-* I don't like the heat either..xD hopefully autumn is coming soon. at least the autumn collections are already coming*-* yay

    1. thank fot the comment dear^^!
      i love bags..summer, winter...are always wonderfull^^!
      i've see that this autumn the collection are so varius...romatic, rock-punk...my fav styles**!

  4. Such beautiful designs! They fit right in with Gyaru and Liz Lisa types. I do wish they weren't so expensive.

    1. I i think the same:-) they reminderm me a lot liz lisa!!

  5. Grazie per la condivisione ..
    Le borse è incantevole, la ragazza è così bella ...


    1. prego^^..e grazie del commento:)
      hai ragione, la modella ha un aria dolcissima,e su di lei le cose sembrano ancora più graziose XD!!


  6. Uh ho ritrovato il tuo blog <3 io pure ne ho fatto uno nuovo. passa se vuoi.


    1. Ciao bella! Grazie per essere passata...verròò sicuro a fare un saltino sul tuo blog nuovo :-)