mercoledì 19 novembre 2014

New wardrobe

Morning! Today post is dedicate to my last order and shopping, i hope do you like it!  Thsi time i've finda lot of cute stuff, i wanted buy all XD...but i need to save money for my next trip to London and Tokyo
For start, one of my wishlist of this year, a super cute Rienda dress**!

my black version

I love id on teh first time i've see it!  Iw ant buy a lot of Rienda dresses for my wardrobe,,are so elegant and cute, perfect for averyday^^!

I've try to buy something from Resexxy, another onee gal brand, and i like it a lot! This cardigan is really warm and soft, really good material:

You can see better here XD...i've fprgett to make a  photo

 Leo sweater....

....and fluffy pink dress, Snidel replica
Here you can see better
My super cute Sailor Moon shirts*w*

(if you want buy them, tell me..i can order others)

And for last, a cute flower dress from Forever21 and some accessories

 I make a new order from a new online store, really cheap and with a lot of cute items. I've buy this

are really gorgeous uhuhuh*_*!!!
See you the next time, thanks for reading!

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  1. Those puffy loose knits always look so fabulous on the model and then when I get it it looks like a sack hahahah T_T

    1. eheh.you've right dear, but i like ti much >O<!!! the next time i'll wear i'll post a pics of the coord

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