lunedì 19 settembre 2011

New Liz Lisa winter collection & mini meet in Milan

Hello sweeties, how are you? This weeks are full of  dates, whit my frien, parent and much more . I'm tired =w=.
In this post i want share whit you the new catalog f/w 2011 of Liz Lisa.
I really lovhe this collection: british style and earth colors are the principal brand of this season^^.

What do you this about^^?
I've already order some items XD!!
Than...last Sunday i meet some girls of the forum. I'm really happy to meet their; i had a little bit of doki-doki XD!!!But all are funny and kind, and really stylish. I was happy to have you known, and certainly we will do  other meetings together .
Me on the train>///<!!
*sleepy face*

Nana ( i' love this girl**), Jadins and Margi!

  Whit Sayuri and her tiger peluche XD!

And last....my experiment whit my hair çoç.

this's not gyaru..i'm try 60' style :P

Ok...this's over for now
bye bye