venerdì 23 agosto 2013

Shopping time: my last purchase

Hello cutie pie ^w^!! Today my last pack is arrived, so now i can show you my new stuff. Is this time i really crazy whit the web shop...i can resist >_>.

First, my new Fix Design bag!!
 The packaging is so cute..i love the pink ribbon*_*!!
i really love the gols ribbon in the middle

My vote: 10!!
The bag is really bauty, anche the material are so good. Details are really made good...and the bag is more big of my aspection^^!

Liz Lisa Skirt
 I fall of this skirt**, the print is adorable, and i really like this kind of skirt, i think that are really romantic and perfect for the summer!

One way dress
lately i like more the onee gal style...and One way made a really cute stuff^^!!

Ingni bow cardigan
simply but adorable!

Liz Lisa dress
 I really love this dres,,,but is really little for me ç_ç!! so i sell it....i'm sad..ç_ç

Princess Melody set
i don't kwon why i've choise toi buy it...but i'm happy ^0^!! Is really adorable, and suit me perfectly! Together  the top and skirt  there're one hairband and one bracelet/hai accessory!!
i want wear it soon**!!

I want buy more and more stuff...but my mother can kill me XD!!eheheh.
For finish..my recently coord for a b-day party..really easy but i like it^^

Top: benetton
Gilet: lino sug
Skirt: liz lisa
Shoes: randon shop in japan

see you soon, kisses!!!

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  1. Risposte
    1. thank you honey^^! we've the same taste for the dresses^^!

  2. La borsa di fix-design è bellissima, come tutto il resto!! Sbav.. Sbav.. <3

    1. ma grazie cara, sono contenta ti piacciano^o^!!
      mi spaice che l'abito di liz lisa si troppo piccolo..lo adoro ç_ç!! maledette tette!!! XD

  3. The LizLisa dress and the Ingni cardigan are simply cute and beautiful! ♥
    I really love your new bag - absolutely!

    1. yeah, are super lovely*w*!!
      i'm happy that like you^^

  4. Your new gets are soo pretty! :))
    Ahh I always wanted a cardigan like this ;__ ; :D

    1. thank you dear^^!!
      if you like this kind of cardigan you can find a lot on taobao serching Ingni or yumetembo^^!

  5. The Liz Lisa skirt and the bow cardigan from Ingni are so cute and fabulous , but I love all of your gets after all <3.

    1. Hi honey*^*!!
      i'm glad that you like them..i want wear all soon^_^!! Ingni i one my fav brand, I suggest you ;)