martedì 7 maggio 2013

Wish for my Japan trip

 Hello cuties!
 I'm really happy, do you know?
The reason is because the time for my Japan trip is ever less ^o^!! Yeah!! i can't wait...rally, i'm sure that 'll be best trip ever.
This morning I was bored, so 'I started watching in internet some items that i want absolutaly want buy, my special whislist fot the trip .

Obviously all depend if i'll anough money and if i'll find all...but dream is free, no?
Surely i spend a lot for the food, like Pocky,snack, mochi, dango, curry....but expecially for the Pocky XD!!
 omg.... XD i want eat all!

Anyway...starting whit the list of items that i want/ like buy:


 i'm fall of this dress*_*!! Tomomi is so wonderfull!! If i'll find, i want surely buy it!
 Love Love Love for this pants!

 i like more this dress too*_*!

 new mars chain belt...i think that is most beauty of the other whit the heart

 rose print **


 i love this color! and i like more wear long dress in summer^_^!
 I need new accessories and jawel...i'm sure that i'll find a lot of cute items

 and some new bag and shoes...

   damn...liz lisa made a lot of cute shoes ç_ç!! I want all!!


love the coord



this are some brand..even if only one post isn't anough XD!
Other place where surely i'll spend my money are there:

 purikuraaa!!! A lot of purikuraa!!

and game station....plush are my death!*__*

More make-up item, fashion megazine  and lash, of course
omg...think just two big suitcases XD?
what else do you recommend to buy in japan? there are still three weeks .. I have time to make the list and see the places to go! If you know of cozy cafés in Osaka / Kyoto ... let me know ^ ^! For now we have found a Gundam Cafe!


10 commenti:

  1. Woah ! I really hope you`ll find the things you want ! <3
    Etto...I don`t know about places in Osaka/Kyoto , but if you see a Mr.Donut , check it out if you want ! ^o^ I heard they have great donuts ! *o*

    1. thank you sweety^w^!
      i know Mister Donut, when i goes Tokyo some year ago, we always made breakfast there! have a lot of delicius donuts **!!

  2. There's a really nice food area attached to Kyoto station! It's on the top or second to top floor of the shopping area to the right (as you enter the station). I got a yummy sundae from here before! http://chasen-sweets.com/

    1. Arigato dear^_^, i sign up now :)!
      From the site seams really yummy, thanks*_*!!

      Already been too in osaka/kyoto? how is it?

  3. pockyyyy*-* yummy.

    you'll spend so much time at the arcades and purikura machines xDD I at least loved it*_*

    I love that Liz Lisa Romper (the one you posted in blue). I actually wanted to get it in white, but it was sold out so fast T_T the blue one was available the longest on the HP, so your chance of getting it, is probably higher.

    1. The Liz Lisa dress is wonderfull, i hope that you can find it in some action or from taobao..do you've see?

      surely i spend a lot of time hereXD, the problem will be when i'll go back whit all tha stuff XD

    2. it is*-* yeah maybe I'll find it, but I think it was really popular so it'll be hard;_;

      XDD oh yeah.. I remember my suitcase was SO heavy when I flew back from Japan xD

      It's better to not take too many clothes with you. just buy everything there xDD

    3. ehehe, in fact i 've 2 big siutacase, i've buy one for the extra XD!!surely i'll take only few clothes and shoes...i think only 2 pairs..>_<!!

      i hope that you find the dress anyway^w^, thank for the advices

  4. Waaah, so many nice items °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
    I think the ichiran ramen restaurant in tokyo is great! (^v^)

    1. you're righ dear, i hope to buy all them *w*!!!

      I love ramen..yummy, but this tima i don0t go in Tokyo, i hope to find the same place in Osaka^^, thank you :)!!