mercoledì 18 giugno 2014


Its long time that i dont visit this blog. Time where a lot of thing are changed, so i want re-start again.
So...bye-bye Liz Lisa style or Mar*s style... i grow up, and i need more mature and fashionable look. And i dont want refere to me with gyaru, even if i always get inspire from this world :)!
I'll continue buy from gyaru brand like Rienda, Dures, Ingni, Lip Service and others....and again i'll wear exte and false lashes when i'll want wear it.
 I wanted tell only this ^^..eheh. Like always i'll show you my shopping and coord...gyaru inspire or not..but i hope that you want follow me again^^!

There're the last stuff that i've buy ^^!

 Ingni style flower dress
Ingni set

Ingni lace top

Ingni cardigan


  Top and skirt by Calliope

random accessories

I've find a lot of Rienda /Lip service stuff that i love... i feel that this brands and onee style is perfect for the style that i want for me. Ungrid have a lot of cute stuff too!! But is quite expansive ^^!

And this is one coord of last week, when the weather was warm ç_ç!Ahhh...i want hot days again..

 Skirt, cardigan, shoes: Ingni
Shirt: Benetton

I've finish for today!! i hope to make a new post soon!!