lunedì 20 maggio 2013

Colors in this rainy days // new gets, new coord

Hello dears ! How are you? I hope fine!
My trip in Japan is is getting closer!These days I have heard that there have been other earthquakes .. I hope nothing happens >_<! Fight Nihon!!
Here in Italy rain always,,,i really hate this wheather >_>. I've so much cute summer clothes that i want wear...is really sad ç_ç.
For this reason, yesterday i went whit my lovely friend to see a little bit of shopping....and of course, I could not resist

Leoperd colors skirt....i more colorfull, the pic is bad >_>

Flower pants...i see more on Popteen like tihs print**

Long top whit skull...simply but i'm fall!

There're a lot of wonderfull clothe, full of colors and summer prints....*w*

 And this's my coord for shopping time yesterday; hime kaji looks!

                                                                         TOP : Liz Lisa   
                                                                          Skirt: Liz Lisa                                                 
                                                                          Hight boot: offbrand
                                                                       Accessories: Paris Kids,random brand

                                                                      Make up, more "natural"

 And some random pics...

After this, the evening  we had a party at a friend's house, so i changed my outfit. It was really fun, i've play a lot whit Just Dance 4 ...play with my friends it was really great, we had great fun. I'm totally denied for the dance eheheh XD.

i'm inspire from Ranzuki coord that i've find on Tumbr...i like it so much :)

Nyaaaa...now i think i go on to read the new capitol of "Kaicho Wa Maid -sama!"; i've see the anime and i'm fall*_*!! now i want read all the manga...Usui and Misaki are so cuteee >////<! and make me laugh a lot XD 

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venerdì 10 maggio 2013

Ordinary days: some outfits and new Ma*rs stuff!

Hello cuties! 
New other updates today...lately i post often i see°°. I hope to not bored you >-<!
I don't have nothing of special to write or show you, this week is quite boring.
 This are 2 recent outfit, the first is himekaji/ mori inspire; finally i can wear my beloved western boots, i love this style where spring is coming. I went to have a snack whit my friends

 First icecrem of thi year...yummy!!

 Bluse: Berska
Short: Liz Lisa
Higth socks: terranova
Boots; Liz Lisa replica
Bag: terranova
Accessories: Claire

 Some detail:

This other is a random coord,  I do not know even if it can be called "gyaru", but ins't important, i like it^^!

 Shirt: Tally
Short: Bodyline
Bag: DreamV
Tatoo collant: offbrand
Shoes: offbrand

Today is arrived one pack with my last purchase.Is really my last pack , i promise >_<!!I could not resist when I found this dress, with one of my favorite prints, and which cost is so cheep!
I've buy some jowel too.

Ma*rs maxi (?) dress
i really love this print, but the other dress are too little for me. But this is ok, i really love it^^!Is perfect for the summer, you do think?

Ma*rs nackalace
Liz Lisa Flower earring
 when i see it, i con't resist to buy!! Are....perfect!!I want in all color now>_<!!

And ther're some pic of today, i couldn't resist to try on the dress, i hope to make best pic the next time.

My hair are still so short .. I want them long XD!!Super long! 

Is all for today, i don't want bore you again ;)!

martedì 7 maggio 2013

Wish for my Japan trip

 Hello cuties!
 I'm really happy, do you know?
The reason is because the time for my Japan trip is ever less ^o^!! Yeah!! i can't wait...rally, i'm sure that 'll be best trip ever.
This morning I was bored, so 'I started watching in internet some items that i want absolutaly want buy, my special whislist fot the trip .

Obviously all depend if i'll anough money and if i'll find all...but dream is free, no?
Surely i spend a lot for the food, like Pocky,snack, mochi, dango, curry....but expecially for the Pocky XD!!
 omg.... XD i want eat all!

Anyway...starting whit the list of items that i want/ like buy:


 i'm fall of this dress*_*!! Tomomi is so wonderfull!! If i'll find, i want surely buy it!
 Love Love Love for this pants!

 i like more this dress too*_*!

 new mars chain belt...i think that is most beauty of the other whit the heart

 rose print **


 i love this color! and i like more wear long dress in summer^_^!
 I need new accessories and jawel...i'm sure that i'll find a lot of cute items

 and some new bag and shoes...

   damn...liz lisa made a lot of cute shoes ç_ç!! I want all!!


love the coord



this are some brand..even if only one post isn't anough XD!
Other place where surely i'll spend my money are there:

 purikuraaa!!! A lot of purikuraa!!

and game station....plush are my death!*__*

More make-up item, fashion megazine  and lash, of course
omg...think just two big suitcases XD?
what else do you recommend to buy in japan? there are still three weeks .. I have time to make the list and see the places to go! If you know of cozy cafés in Osaka / Kyoto ... let me know ^ ^! For now we have found a Gundam Cafe!