giovedì 31 maggio 2012

I got tagged & new nail art gradient

Hello everyone!! I really busy in this days, but i've find time today for a short post^w^.
I'm tagged by Chiralicious , so in thsi post i want answer it. Lets' go.

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag.

11 facts about myself:
1- i'm really love sleep...often until late in week.
2- I'm terrified of spiders, even the smallest ... every time I find one in the house screaming like crazy XD
3- I'm a nerd girl, love read manga, watch drama and anime  and i love videogames :)
4- I like horror movies, even though I'm afraid of my shadow XD
5-I' ve  25 year but i've a lot of plush in my room, i love all so much  ehheh^^
6- I hate drive my car.
7-I want come back in Japan so soon....also i want  visit China and Singapore*_*
8-I like to cook cakes, and of course eat them eheheh
10- I am very lazy, but I would always do so many things, and I can never make it..çoç
11- i like stupid films and video like " Lo svarione degli anelli" e " Sailor Greco"

  Chiralicious questions :
1) How much time do you need for your daily make-up/morning routine?
For my  daily make up  i'm need 15-20 minutes...depends  what I do, and if I have in mind as a make-up. And for the gyaru make up..same times XD
2) What's your favorite mascot/character? 
Until last year, i'was a big fan on Hello Kitty.But i like all Sanrio characters, are so cutee>_<!! My super favorite is Rilakkume, and Kapibara-san.
3) Describe your fashion style 5 years ago.
mmm...I do not know how to respond ... maybe Lolita?Kera Style?  In truth I never faithfully followed a style I like to change and mix things.
4) What's your favorite (soft)drink?
Strawberry frozen daiquiri
5) What's the last item you bought?
A new pair of lense last week XD. Gray sesame Mimi.
6) If your friends have to describe you with 3 words, what would they possibly say? 
vain - grumpy - reliable
7) Did you ever get a (Lolita/Gyaru) Valentine?
8) Do you have any pets? If yes, what's their name, and could you possibly show a photo? =)
I' ve a Gold fish...until yesterday, becouse he's died  XD!!He called sushi, and I had more than 10 years, a record. I would love a dog or cat. 
9) How will you react when a stranger is saying a rude thing to you?
Depends .... Usually I ignore the person, at worst answer.
10) What's the 10th song in your ipod/phone/any-device-that-can-play-music playlist? =)
 I'm use random list usually XD!! But this time is " Pitbull Feat. Chris Brown - International Love"
11) How would your dream man/girl look like?
 mmm...Jhonny Depp? Gackt?B- Rain?   XDahahahah
I thik that i can die for a man like Robert D. Junior in "Sherlok Holmes" and " Evengers" *ç*

11 questions for the tagged bloggers:
1- Which contry do you want visit one time in your life?
2- What's you favorite food.
3- Do you prefer a "liz lisa style" or "d.i.a style"?
4- What's the last film that you've see at the cinema? 
5- how many / what foreign languages ​​you know?
6- Tell me one your favorite passion/hobby.
7- Which gyary style do you prefer? and which you wear?
8- What would you do if you won the lottery?
9- Do you like Japanese food? What's your favorite dish? 
10- what color is your room? why?
11- You prefer have a cute nail-art  or cute hair style? 

My Tag:


This week i make some new nail arte whit the "Gradient Method". I love it*_* .
You can find more tutorial on You Tube^^, and is a really easy.


  Do you like it^^? are my firts time..hope nex time  did make it better.

 Ok, i'm finish^^, one big kiss honeys!!



martedì 22 maggio 2012

Popteen June 2012; Liz Lisa and Ma*rs new summerc collection...and more!

     Hi minna!!
Oggi ho scaricato l'ultimo numero di Popteen, la mia rivista gyaru preferita^^! QUesto numero è favoloso*_*!! E' pieno di snap di outfit, tutorial di acconciature e focus sulle ultime tendenze; penso me lo comprerò anceh on-line^^.

Today I downloaded the latest issue of Popteen, my favorite gyaru magazine ^^! This number is fabulous *_*! It 'full of snap of outfits, hairstyles and tutorials  and focus on the latest trends, I think I'll buy it even online ^^.

Voglio condividere con voi alcune scan, tra le quali quelal dove ci sono le ultime collezioni estive di Liz Lisa e Ma*rs.  Ovviamente mi piace tutto, sopratutto i colori e le stampe^^! voglio comprarmi tutto di queste brand ....e voi?
I want to share with you some scans, including those where there are the latest summer collections from Liz Lisa and Ma * rs. Obviously I like everything, especially the colors and prints ^ ^! I want to buy all of these brands .... and you?

Soooo...let's go!!

       Ci sono molto outfit carinissimi con i pantaloni ;)...tanto per sfatare il mito del solo-gonne.
      There are very cute outfits with pants;) ... just to debunk the myth of the only-skirts.

Un sacco di arancione, abiti floreali e molte camicie e gilet di jeans*_*!! Lo adoro come abbinamento!
A lot of orange, floral dresses and many shirts and denim vest * _ *! I love it as a match!

        Ma*rs e la sua combo rosa x nero colpisce ancora...amo questi nuovi abitini**!
          Ma*rs and its pinkXblack combo strikes again ... I love these new clothes **!

  Questo e molto altro...vi consiglio di scaricarlo^^!! Quale 'è la vostra rivista preferita invece? e ceh stile prefrite? sarei curiosa di conoscerlo.ehehe^^!

This and much more ... I suggest you download it ^ ^! What is your favorite magazine instead? and what style you prefer? I'd be curious to know. ehehe ^ ^!

 Vado a vedermi Man in Black II, visto che domani andrò a vedere il 3...e non l'ho mai visto XD!!!
I'll go to watch "Man in black II", because today i'll go to the cinema for watch the third film of this series^^

giovedì 17 maggio 2012

Cinema and new curl iron ^o^!


 How are you^^?
Sono in ferie due giorni...come sono felice!!! Per festaggiare ieri sera sono andata al cinema con le mie amorine, a vedere l'ultimo fil di Jhonny Depp: "Dark Shadow".

Bhè, che dire; Jhonny è favoloso come sempre, è fantastico nel ruolo del vampiro ( altro che Edoardo Cullen >_>).
E' un mix tra comico, horror e...bhò, non sò descriverlo bene: bellissime le atmosfere, e le gag comiche davvero carine^^ ( " scusate, il mio alito vi ha offeso" cit: ) X°°D . Trovo però alcuni punti messi là e non trattati a dovere,ma  alla fine non  è male (anche se il finale mi lascia un pò perplessa..ma vabbè ); ve lo consiglio , sopratutto se siete fan di Depp.

I'm on holiday two days ... I'm so happy! For festaggiare last night I went to the movies with my honeys, see the last thread of Johnny Depp: "Dark Shadow"Well, what to say, Johnny is fabulous as always, is terrific in the role of the vampire (Edward Cullen tsk >_>). It 'a mix of comedy, horror and ... BHO, I know not describe it well, beautiful atmosphere, and the gags really cute ^ ^ ("sorry, my breath has offended you" cit.) X DHowever I find some points made ​​there and not treated properly, but in the end is not bad (although the ending leaves me a little puzzled .. but oh well), I will recommend, especially if you're a fan of Depp.

Ecco il mi outfit, molto semplice^^ /// My outfit, really simple
T-Shirt: Dazzlin
Pants: liz lisa
Wig: prisila

Ed ecco....delle puricura..oggi mi sentivo in vena XD
E come ultimo...ta-daannn!!! Ecco il nuovo ferro tripla-barra che ho preso*_*!! Finalemnte potrò farmi i capelli con le onde come vedo spessissimo alle modelle ^0^!! Yuppyyy!! 
 Ho voluto provarlo subito, eccomi in versino casalinga,hihihihi.
And last ... ta-daannn! Here is the new triple-iron bar that I got * _ *! I can finally my hair with waves often as I can see the models ^ 0 ^! Yuppyyy!
I wanted to try it now, here I am at home-ugly version, hihihihi.

domenica 13 maggio 2012

Random outfit and new stuff

e buona Domenica^^!
Giorno a tutti, oggi sono di ottimo umore, se non si fosse visto U_U.
Goodmorning, i'm really happy today, if you had not noticed.

Oggi  voglio mostare alcuni dei mie ultimi acquistini da Taobao; devo ammettere che non sono soddisfatta al 100%....mi aspettavo che alcune cose fossere meglio. Ma il mio migliore acquisto arriverà in settimana..hihhihi!! Non vedo l'ora .

 Today I want to show you some of my recent purchases from Taobao, I have to admit that i'm dont 100% satisfied .... I expected some things were better. But my best buy in the coming weeks .. hihhihi! I can not wait

 Ecco quà:

Ma*rs Style belt:
I buy this from Ebay; is really cute, i lvoe teh utterfly**!! I find it even prettier than that of ma*rs XD!

MILK Polka dot camisole:

The colore is camel x Blue. You dont' seee it weel here, so this's the original link^^:
Is adorable, but the  cuffs are really narrow, I must expand  it a little

Laguna Moon shirt:
I love it**!

Dazzlin cat shirt:

This shirt is super popular in many magazine, like Popteen and ViVi. Is super cute, i love kitty^^!

Gilet Jeans whit stone and paietts:

Is wonderfull: trash and chic XD!!!

Etude House make up items:
Lipstik and spoon for fondaution. The packagins is super cute^^.

Dazzlin similar shoes:

Thsi shoes are so cute, but have one problem:
The sole is super smooth and plastic, slides as hell XD! But for 6 euro is ok.

Per finire, ecco l'outfit di ieri:

  ToP: random
Cardigan: Golds Infinity
Short: tally weijil
Ma*rs style belt: ebay
Pump: random
 Make up:
Devo andare dal parrucchiere...non notate anche voi una "leggera" ricrescita?
I have to go to the hairdresser ... you also do not notice a "slight" growth?