lunedì 12 agosto 2013

Street color

Morning gals^^!! Short update today, but i hope that you like it anyway^_^.
Last week my friend Laura made me other pics, so..i want show you.
 The weather was very hot .. but i wanted anyway to put the wig. I did not want to use plates or irons XD.

 Bluse: terranova
Short: tally
Shoes: Jouetie
Choker: ghost of harlem replica

change outfit...

 Top + poncho: One spo
Short: tally
Shoes: tally
Glass: rayban

Now.....tell me, do see something strange in this pics?
apart from my idiot face XD....



Antway, i tell you.I played with photoshop to put the background ... from a simple background empty ... tadannn!
This are the original:

Whitout the wig...finally XD
 make up for finish^^

So....how do you think? i made  it well or not^_^?
It was a long time I wanted to try to do such a thing , for change a little. And this is  an example of how to spend afternoons unnecessary ...ahaha...i'm joke!
It's all for today..se you in the next post

6 commenti:

  1. Risposte
    1. thank drea, my make up is really simple, i can improve it>_<!!
      i'm happy that you like anyway :3

  2. You look so good in these pics and I love your makeup :3.

    1. thank you lovely^w^!

      i must improve more whit the make up..i want try a different style the next time^^!

  3. Woww, that photoshop was very good! I would never have realized the background wasn't like that unless you told me!

    Like everyone said, I love your eye make-up! It suits you very well ^^

    - Abi

  4. hi dear, thank for the sweet comment*////*!!

    i'm happy that you like it, :)!!