giovedì 31 luglio 2014

Shopping Maniac: Sheinside Reviews

Hello dear, how are you?^^
Taday post is a reviews about a super cute shop online,  Sheinside
You can find a lot of beautifull stuff with a really conveniet price; for this first time i choide this 3 items:

 White tank top

 I need a simply top, so i choise this one short with ruffle. The material is really good, light and fluffy, perfect for the hot summer XD

This is the second top, the same model but with a cute print!

I really love the print of this top, remind me a lot japanese kimono, so i love it^^! Like the first top is perfect, and the back is crossing**!


And last items is this maxi skirt with zip; confy but a bit sexy, you know ?;P

The next time i want try with boots or other higth heels, for  a look more mature

So, in the and i'm really really satisfied of this site and his items!! Price are super good and you can have points for special scout.Shipping is free over 30$ so...is better buy a lot of stuff XD!!
I'm already searching new stuff, maybe for September..mmm...but surely i'll buy other summer dresses>O<!!!

I hope that you've anjoy with this post^^!! Se you the next time!!

lunedì 14 luglio 2014

Flower power

Short update today, eheh!
Two simply coord of today and yesterday, both with flowers print! When is spring/summer i really love this kind of dresses, they make me feel happy.

 I'm start with this kind of hair...but in the and of party.....i'm come home in this way XD

 mmm...messy hair and scary face XD..

And it was yesterday....today i wear my last  purchase^^

 In this days i always wear this lense...in the past i had trouble putting them .. and so i abandoned them XD. But now are ok...bhò..i must buy new blue and green lense.

venerdì 11 luglio 2014

No time for a title

Mornig averybody! Today i'm really tired, i've worked so much...but finally i'm home and i've find a super surprise: a new parcel with a lot of new stuff !!
I've find a lot of new cute store lately, and now that is sale time my wallet is always empty, eheheh XP!

I need new accessories, so here some new:

 I really love the gold cross nacklace...i think that is my fav for now^^.
After, some new shirt and top, they're never  to much  for me.

  My new Barbie shirt...i love it**!

 and this Rienda top

this is a dress...i love the print**! and is really soft...i cant wait to wear it!
 This's a long lace cardigan from Datura, it was together with the heart nacklace in the first pic^^!

And finally i've buy 2 cute maxi dresses; this year i really fixed with them...eheheh..^^!
 One more romantic...
  and the second more mature...

so..what do you think^^? i love all...but i want more and more stuff :P!

And before to finish...2 little outfit of past weeks...>_<
 Dress: Rienda
Cardigan: Ingni
Shoes: LinoSug
Accessories: forever21

Lace top: Ingni
Jeans Camisole: Benetton
Short: Benetton
Shoes: Ingni
Accessories: forever21/ random