mercoledì 15 giugno 2011

Shopping in NY part2

Hello minna^^! Thisìi a short post, i want see you my shop ping in new york

So i've buy soma lingerie from Victoria Secret*_*...really lovely^^. I'm finished whit this outfit whit my new t-short (i'm improve more!)

  Love this glass**!! KISSU!

sabato 11 giugno 2011

Come back from NY - part 1-

I really really happy to come back in Italy!! I missed you ç__ç!
New York it's a really big and suggestiv city; i really loved the nightlife!!

 I'm also meet Jack Sparrow, OMG XD!!!

 eheheh,,,sorry XD!!My face it's orrible and tired 

I've done much shopping...it's really convenient, and i found many cute store^^!
This's shopping only of the first day!

Well...I'll do a second post, I stop here for now ^ ^! I hope  havn't bored you too!
A big kiss!!