lunedì 24 giugno 2013

Summer time

Konnichiwa!! Today post is quite useless, eheheh XD. Today I was alone at home ... my friends all gone, I did not know what to do ç_ç!
So, since in 2 weeks there is my cousin's wedding ... I tried to think about what to wear that day. I don't know if buy a new dress or not..but i think taht i wear my new Ank Rougedress.
I try whit this simple hairstyle, and i made some pic. 

 Dress: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Lino Sug
I'm not convinced of the shoes ... I have to wait the new Liz Lisa sandals that I bought. And this hair, for my mom, are no good U_U.  For the make up i used my brown lashes, upper and bottom, for a more natural effect...but you cant' see in the pics >-<.
After this....i changed outfit, and went for a ride...i've buy the new Tomb Raider for PS3 *_*!!!!

recently I'm very busy in many things .. especially in love affairs XD .. so I do not have much time to devote to gyaru, if not the weekend. Because even with the hot make-up melts °_°!
A big kiss!!

giovedì 20 giugno 2013

my shopping in Japan and purikura!!

Hi minna!!! How are you^^?
Finally today i make a post whit my shopping in japan; i've buy a few things, because of that problem with a credit card .... but in fact things were priced much ç_ç!
I don't ve find MA*rs store...maybe is better...but i'm happy to seeing and be entered into a store like Liz lisa, Ingni, dia, Ank rouge, Jouetie, etc.. and other no brand shops^_^!!

So..let's go!
  from Liz lisa..ald collection, so i've pay less ;)

i've buy this in Garula shop...but the tag is different...anyway..i like it!! i've see often this kind of dress worn by various shop staff
  My fav...Ank Rouge dress!! color peach...is absolutaly lovely*_*!! My first dress of this brand
                                                       Honey x Honey set...top+ shirt + nacklace

Random accessories from Paris kids

i wanted buy the shoes from liz lisa...but my number was sold in the color that i want...so i've find this other lovely..are really cute
  Some new lash.. Diamond lash and Decorative!! I totally in love of Decorative..are perfect*_*! And pink blush from Diamond  Beauty
Hair accessory from Daiso...all 100 yen!

some suvenirs

beauty stuff...for the skin :)
  and...food...these are the only ones I remembered to photograph before eating them all .. XD
  a new kokenshi...i love this doll^^!

 And this are the purikura that i've made whit my friend!! I really really love it..i want one of this in Italy ç_ç!!!

 And last...this's pics form last saturday...i was go out whit my friend, to see them and give them the gift...nothing of special, but i wanted try my new lash^^!

domenica 16 giugno 2013

Back to the dream -part 2-

Today i want continue whit my japan trip post, i hope dont' boring you :P!
Soo....where i stop? oh yes...after Shirakawa go and Takayama, we moved to Kyoto, where we stayed for 5 days.
These were the best days .. the most beautiful and fun at all, especially thanks to my roommates .. I love you!
Kyoto is really beautifull and magic city, expecially in the night, where you can go to Gion or other particolary place.

i've see a lot of wonderfull temples and stunning gardens...I did not think could be so beautiful gardens, places full of charm, calm,i would have stayed there forever. ç_ç!!
And the food was so delicious...okonomiyaki for a life!! 

I' ve see some geishe...are so damn beautifull and elegant ç_ç!! Here in Kyoto i was able to do some decent shopping...for my happiness. And purikura..of course.
After this 5 days, we was move to Osaka, for the 3 last days. 
Osaka remind me a lot Tokyo, full of color, light, shops, happy people...and here the game center are averywhere!!
 For the shopping time , i and my 2 other friends are go to Hep Five!! 6 floors filled with shops ... a dream! With sadness I've seen, however, there was no the shop Ma * rs and Golds Infinity ... sadness
But i've buy from Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge*_*!!
The shop staff of Ank Rouge was really delicious ... it was a love with me, we talked a little bit ... how cute!
Unlucky i don't ve whit me my camera..so no pics whit this lovely girls ç_ç!! 

In the next post i show you my shopping and other purikura...now  i can go out XD! A lot of kisses!!