sabato 27 luglio 2013

Photos and random coord// Gyaru VS hot summer

Morning lovelys!! Sorry for no posting aften, but i really i don't have any interisting thing to write in the blog XD. Now more people is in vacation,( i anvy them because i'm working ç_ç)....and in this hot summer days my normal routine is: work- pool- my house/friends house.
Is really really hot this summer....I do not want to do anything in this heat!

But...fist, here some pic of the photoset; missing other pics... my friend is really slow , but ihope you like them anyway >_<.

I like it more...I'm glad they have come so beautiful, I'm not photogenic ç__ç!
I want ask you gal ,as you do in the summer and warm with the gyaru? I mean ... the makeup, hair ... I can not do, I  can die XD!! I more hot for me...
Already I melt with a light make-up (because I never go to work without make-up .. always a minimum UU), i can tolerate my mascara, blush and eye shadow ( all waterproof)....and stop.
And the hair?? is my nightmare!!
I don't ever keep them loose, only in the evening if it is not too hot.I've always a buns, pony tail,
braids...and they are always rebel, damn XD!!
So... for me is really impossible fell me "totally gal" whitout this...obviously i wear always all my dress, brand or not brand, i lways try to do nice outfit .. but I do not think they can be called "gyaru".
 In truth, i don't care so much ^^'' .. . I feel beautiful just the same.
And you girls? what do you think abut this?

here some random cord af the past weeks ..example of my coord "gyaru inspired" (?)

 For the "day"
 dress: benetton
belt: ma*rs replica
shoes: japan shop

for the "work"
 dress: Ingni
lece leggins: caldedonia
shoes: tally

for the "night"
 dress: ma*rs
Shoes: dreamV

Now...i'm fixed whit online shopping..like always, but i dont find anything that captures me.
A lot of kisses

7 commenti:

  1. OMG <3. I love the photoshoot :3. You look so cute ! And I love the 1st and 2nd coords <3.
    Ugh...I know how it is. My make up is melting...I can`t even stand the lashes when it`s REALLY HOT. TwT But oh well , I don`t really care what other people think about me or if I look gyaru or not , but I`m a gyaru [[though I`m a beginner]] at heart and that`s important. ^o^

    1. hi honey, thanks for the sweet commets :*!!
      i'm glad that like you..arigatoo!

      i' happy to see that i not the only to think this of the summer and gyaru; i think the same^_^

  2. i love you're shoes dreamV ^.^
    and "for the day" you're code it's beautiful =) and love you're hair style in this picture =)

    1. thank you dear^^! the shoes are cute, but i dont' wear often ^^''

      i'm happy that like you the coors, next time i hope to show you the make up too XD

    2. prego =)

      oh vuole vedere questo prossima volta =D

  3. Adoro quelle scarpe della dreamV.. Le volevo comprare anche io ma ho il piedone e al momento non era disponibile il num.. Uff..
    Cmq i tuoi outfit mi incantano sempre.. :D

    1. è vero, sono adorabili ma non molto comode XD!! inoltre avendo il tacco in plastica non sò quanto dureranno.

      sono contenta ti paicciano, anceh se non sono nulla di che...ho poca ispirazione altre che la voglia di fare XD...grazie per il commento, sei carinissima ^^!