sabato 27 luglio 2013

Photos and random coord// Gyaru VS hot summer

Morning lovelys!! Sorry for no posting aften, but i really i don't have any interisting thing to write in the blog XD. Now more people is in vacation,( i anvy them because i'm working ç_ç)....and in this hot summer days my normal routine is: work- pool- my house/friends house.
Is really really hot this summer....I do not want to do anything in this heat!

But...fist, here some pic of the photoset; missing other pics... my friend is really slow , but ihope you like them anyway >_<.

I like it more...I'm glad they have come so beautiful, I'm not photogenic ç__ç!
I want ask you gal ,as you do in the summer and warm with the gyaru? I mean ... the makeup, hair ... I can not do, I  can die XD!! I more hot for me...
Already I melt with a light make-up (because I never go to work without make-up .. always a minimum UU), i can tolerate my mascara, blush and eye shadow ( all waterproof)....and stop.
And the hair?? is my nightmare!!
I don't ever keep them loose, only in the evening if it is not too hot.I've always a buns, pony tail,
braids...and they are always rebel, damn XD!!
So... for me is really impossible fell me "totally gal" whitout this...obviously i wear always all my dress, brand or not brand, i lways try to do nice outfit .. but I do not think they can be called "gyaru".
 In truth, i don't care so much ^^'' .. . I feel beautiful just the same.
And you girls? what do you think abut this?

here some random cord af the past weeks ..example of my coord "gyaru inspired" (?)

 For the "day"
 dress: benetton
belt: ma*rs replica
shoes: japan shop

for the "work"
 dress: Ingni
lece leggins: caldedonia
shoes: tally

for the "night"
 dress: ma*rs
Shoes: dreamV

Now...i'm fixed whit online shopping..like always, but i dont find anything that captures me.
A lot of kisses

giovedì 18 luglio 2013

New stuff and shooting preview

Hello lovelys!! How are you? i hope fine :)!
Yesterday a new pack is arrived...i was really happy , i couldn't wait any longer ehehh!
 I was afraid of the customs, because it was a pretty big and heavy pack .. but I was lucky :)!
Soo....let's start

for the first, my belover Ma*rs dress; i really love the print, and this model is so cute!!

I've wanted since the first time i saw him. When i was in Japan i don't found any  Ma* rs shop.. otherwise I would have taken there directly.

My super cute Shirahoshi Action Figure*_*!! I love it..is really beautifull...

Ma*rs chain belt replica.

And finally i've one Alpakasso plush!! I wanted so long!!Super kawaiiii 

 Always yesterday, i made some cute picwhit my friend Laura.She made me a small photoset, after she needed for the university project XD!
I show you in the nex post, because i dont' ve yet the pics.
Soo...there're some prev that i've made whit my cell/ camera

                           (the black bra..oh yess XD)

mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Shopping is the best thing

Hello cuties!! Sorry for not posting often, but is strange period for me..i'm a little sad for love affair...sigh!
The disappointments of love are always hard to forget, but the best medicine are friends and shopping xD (shopping is always the solution in my case).
So, today, when i'm back to the pool, i see that my pack is arrived^_^!! Yeahh!!
This in only the first pack of my summer sale...i hope that the other pack  arrives soon.. This time i'm also given to the auction .. I took advantage of my friend in Japanese that has been the shopping service for free , arigato Mimi!!

The first are my beloved Liz Lisa shoes....when i was in Japan, i see it, but was really expansive ç_ç!! but i've found them at auction new, cheap ... super lucky *_*! color I was not convinced .. but now that i've see it, i really love!!

                                             are really comfortable and feminine ^w^!

I've buy this cute Ingni dress, is really short XD!

                                                           and this Jouetie t-shirt

and this old One Spo set, top + poncho...is really cute^_^!!I want wear soon...

I was then at the wedding of my cousin ... it was very cute, although my mood was bad>_<
The weather was bad...like me XD!

lake of Como

one happy girl..hohohoho XD!!after the rain my hair was terrible...other motivation for my bad mood U_U