domenica 24 aprile 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy easter my dears^0^!! I love this day only for the chocolate egg XD!!i've buy an choco egg of Sailor Moon..and i found a bracialat XD..an in the second egg( from my parents)..un lillte teddy bear...so sad (ahah,no,'it's a joke...it's cute)  X°D.
Fortunally today it's a sunny hot day..and the afternoon i'm go out whit my friend. I wear an contry outfit style UwU....flower, sun, friend, beer, icecream, loughter...there was everything I wanted^^!
My photo of outfit  today

I whis you a very good and happy day^o^!! and moreee chocolate^^

lunedì 18 aprile 2011


I titoli dei post sono sempre un dramma U_U.
In realtà non ho nulla du nuovo da aggiornare, quindi sarà un psot cortino^^. Lo specchio di Liz Lisa che ho comprato sembra che si stato ritrovato, e non perso..per fortuna!!! E poi ho appena finito di fare un mini ordine da Body Line e ho preso un abitino stile Liz Lisa sul LJ. 
The titles are alwais a probem for me. I'm not new relase...so this post will varyyy short!
The Liz Lisa's mirror that i've buy...is'nt lost*_*!! And i'm buy some items from Bodyline and a dress of Liz Lisa  style on LJ.

Queste sono le ULTIME spese che farò, fino a che non torno dal viaggio a New York, che è a fine maggio. Sò già che spenderò un sacco a NY...anceh se ho visto ceh non c'è nessu negozio di brand gyaru ç_ç!!!
There are my last shopping, until my travel in NY. I'm sad that im not forun gyaru brand shoppner in NY...ç_ç, but im suce that  i spend so much aniway XD!  

 Outfit  of yesterday...whit my new boots Liz Liza style

Un bacione a tutti^o^!!!

lunedì 11 aprile 2011

Review Max Pure Pink Lense & Geo Angel Green

Hello minna!!!Today i make a rew of two pairs of Circle Lense. 

Max Pure Pink
Size: 15,5 ( so big)
Confort: 8/10
Natural effect: 5/10

I really love pink color, but with this lense, i'm really scary XD!! Ahahha...btw, you seam a really porcellain doll^^.
To make every day is not suitable, but for parties or dating are very nice.

Geo Angel Green

Color: green
Size: 14.5
Confort: 10/10
Natural effect: 10/10

I really love Geo Angel series*_*!!! are beautiful and super natural. If you want try Circle Lense for the first time, i suggest you this series^^!!

So...bye-bye for now ^w^!!

mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

Shining spring

Spring is coming..finally^0^!!!! I love the sunny days...flower, icecream, dating whit my friends^^!
Here are some photos from yesterday afternoon ^^!

                                                   Yogurt icecream...so yummy >_<!!!

                                                                         Me ....
                                                               And whit my friend!

            After this...we go to the park..full of flower*_*!!!  I love going there when it's sunny.


I hope the weather is doing better every day ... and I hope to do more photos Gyaru the next time.ahahah ;P