venerdì 30 agosto 2013

Ma*rs A/w prew collection *o*

Hello lovelys^^!
Lately i see that more gayru brand are posting the new w/a collection; today i want post some pics from Ma*rs!
I expect that come out then other brands such as One Spo, Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge (although I know that there are already some liz lisa images).
About Ma*rs...i really really hate the model that was in Los Angeles ( don't rember the name)XD!! She seems me too old and not cute, Tomomi is  best U_U!

i love this swetheart*_*!!!

I like more thisc collection^_^!! i hope to find some of this on taobao XD!! eheheh

venerdì 23 agosto 2013

Shopping time: my last purchase

Hello cutie pie ^w^!! Today my last pack is arrived, so now i can show you my new stuff. Is this time i really crazy whit the web shop...i can resist >_>.

First, my new Fix Design bag!!
 The packaging is so cute..i love the pink ribbon*_*!!
i really love the gols ribbon in the middle

My vote: 10!!
The bag is really bauty, anche the material are so good. Details are really made good...and the bag is more big of my aspection^^!

Liz Lisa Skirt
 I fall of this skirt**, the print is adorable, and i really like this kind of skirt, i think that are really romantic and perfect for the summer!

One way dress
lately i like more the onee gal style...and One way made a really cute stuff^^!!

Ingni bow cardigan
simply but adorable!

Liz Lisa dress
 I really love this dres,,,but is really little for me ç_ç!! so i sell it....i'm sad..ç_ç

Princess Melody set
i don't kwon why i've choise toi buy it...but i'm happy ^0^!! Is really adorable, and suit me perfectly! Together  the top and skirt  there're one hairband and one bracelet/hai accessory!!
i want wear it soon**!!

I want buy more and more stuff...but my mother can kill me XD!!eheheh.
For finish..my recently coord for a b-day party..really easy but i like it^^

Top: benetton
Gilet: lino sug
Skirt: liz lisa
Shoes: randon shop in japan

see you soon, kisses!!!

lunedì 12 agosto 2013

Street color

Morning gals^^!! Short update today, but i hope that you like it anyway^_^.
Last week my friend Laura made me other pics, so..i want show you.
 The weather was very hot .. but i wanted anyway to put the wig. I did not want to use plates or irons XD.

 Bluse: terranova
Short: tally
Shoes: Jouetie
Choker: ghost of harlem replica

change outfit...

 Top + poncho: One spo
Short: tally
Shoes: tally
Glass: rayban

Now.....tell me, do see something strange in this pics?
apart from my idiot face XD....



Antway, i tell you.I played with photoshop to put the background ... from a simple background empty ... tadannn!
This are the original:

Whitout the wig...finally XD
 make up for finish^^

So....how do you think? i made  it well or not^_^?
It was a long time I wanted to try to do such a thing , for change a little. And this is  an example of how to spend afternoons unnecessary ...ahaha...i'm joke!
It's all for today..se you in the next post

lunedì 5 agosto 2013

Bag passion in this time.

Hi minna!!!
Today is my free day from work...so i made a new post before go out.
I know that we're in the middle of summer, but im not normal girl, so i already think about this winter shopping XD.
In my fav shops i've see the new collection...and are really lovelyy*__*!!

Expecially now i'm fixed whit the bag.

Ahh....i relly love shoes and bag, i dont'  get enough of then.

So, searching some cute bag, i find a wonderfull brand that make wonderfull bag: Fixdesign!! 
I dont' know if you know it, i discover it some year ago, and i think that they made beautifull dress and other...but the price are so hight ç_ç!!

This are some pic of the past collection:

But the best thing are the bag*_*!! I really want all xD!! Some week ago,a girl who comes to the store where I work, she had one. A super cute summer bag....**!!
So when i come back to home, i was in the web store...and i find the paradise.
They are some sample...take a look.
 This style remember me Liz Lisa a lot^^

 And i love this straw bags whit furry ...are stunning!!

In the and...i've buy one of this XD!! My summer bag is old, so i wanted change whit this:

I was lucky to find it a good price ... on sale on the site costs 115 euro !!!
Now i hope that arrived me soon *_*

 Soo...now i think go to play a little whit my Ps 3...i too hot for go out now XD!! Byeee!!