giovedì 31 gennaio 2013

2 things to be happy: new hair color and exte

I'm here again.
For start my gyaru-rise, i decided to start from what was problem number 1: my hair
So...i've search the hair color that like me and, most important, suit me better.
My choice was this:

Palty Color Sakura donut 
pure love

Of course, I took the picture to my hairstylest (my aunt), hoping that she could do the miracle XD!
 (she's accustomed to my strange requests,she's the best)

 This's the result:

unfortunately it is not the same, but it is impossible to make it come like in the picture XD ... it's a little darker .. I really like it ^^
Anyway i've buy from internet this Palty dye, has been difficult because it is not easy to find, but I found it!

 I put the extension to give more volume and to extend them...now are more long**! In the pic you can't see well because i've culry them

 now i'm fell better...and a little more "gyaru" >-<

Next step: learn how to style my hair 

I have a question for you: how to make coming in the photo with the effect "no nose" as many gyaru? is the make-up? or only light effects?  

is a strange question, i know XD 


4 commenti:

  1. Uhhh non vedo l'ora di vederti tinta col Palty *^* anche così stai bene però quella tinta ha un che di rosa che mi ispira tantissimo c: <3 per il naso non so aiutarti sorry xD

    1. penso che per alemno un paio di mesi non se ne fà nulla..poi quando dovrò ri tinteggairmi userò quella*_*. Devo dire però che ieri ho lavoto i capelli e il rosso ha ascaricato..e ora si avvicina ancora di più a quello della palty*o*!

      grazie cmq per il comemnto cara:)!! per il naos lo sò..è una domanda alla quale non avrò mai risposta X°D!!
      un bacino

  2. aww so cute hair color... i love it so much....

    1. thank you honey^^
      this color like me so much *o*!