martedì 30 aprile 2013

1° Harajuko Fashion Walk in Milan!! < Pic heavy >

Hi!! As i had written in the previous post (here) , Sanday in Milan was held the first Harajuko Fashion Walk.
In many other cities in Italy do the same, such as Roma and Torino... but it was the first time that was make in Milan^_^!  I love this kind of event, so i could not miss it, it was a beautiful day, a lot of fun where I could know at new people, but also meet from the other girls i had not seen for some time.
There some pic: 
    All together^^



 decora/ fairy key

....and gyaru, yeah!! We could not miss, with our group KK Diamante.
from left: Rose, Nana , Mia and Jay. 

Other pics:
Here i'm whit a new cute friend, Lucrezia^^ 
 my look for this day

 i love this pic >_<!!

Dress: Ma*rs
Bag: Deary
Belt: Ma*rs
Boot: Tally


 Make up zoom:

 This morning i've discover that i make a pic whit  one of my favorite radio presenter, Radio DJ, that is,  La Pina! I really i had not really noticed it was her, omg XD...in fact, whit al the grup were interviewed at the park, where he was holding an event sponsored by Radio DJ.

i've finish finally,eeheh^^! Tomorrow i'll to the sea,near Genova, whit my company of friends*_*!! I' can't wait..i want sun, hot and seaa *ç*!!!
i go to finish to prepare my bag, se you and good night!!

lunedì 29 aprile 2013

Rokku inspire outfit and japan food

Hello cuties^_^! Such a cool title that i've write today...XD mmmmhh.
This past week and was a relly fun day; yesterday in Milan was held the first Harajuko Fashion Walk, it was great, but i'll talk in the next post .. today i'll talk about another :P

It's nothing special post, i only want show you one new rokku outfit that i wear when i went in to the japan resturant some  days ago.  I'm not sure you defined rokku 100% .... do not you? Maybe amekaji/ rokku? bho°°, i don't know, but i like it more. I hope that like you too^^

Shirt: INGNI
Skirt: WC
Sock: takeshita dori random store
Shoes: Jouetie
Chocker: GoH replica

Zoom up:
my favorite lash, eyemazing by Mizukitty n°301

And my food..miso ramen*_*! Is perfect in this cold days...so yummy! I love the naruto inside, are my best part.

One month on my trip to Japan, I will start to do the countdown *_*! Yeah!
I'm still looking at photos of the places that we will visit, all wonderful. I'm thinking of buying a new camera, because mine is a bit dated and I would like to do a lot of nice pictures .. but I do not know whether to take it here and there in japan.
I would be fine even a simple Coolpix, but they are expensive, sigh ç_ç . But for now it's ok. See you in the next post babys, kisses!!

giovedì 25 aprile 2013

Where's the spring?? happy hour and new coord

Hello cuties, how are you?  i hope fine. thisa week is really busy, but i'm happy ^^!
The weather i so strange here; one day is sunny, other day is rainy, cold, hot...>_<!! the good thing is that I could use winter garments that I bought recently, which you can see in the previous post.

Sunday i was go whit my lover to make one fantastic happy hour in our  favorite place.
I taked an Pina Colada...is really delicius her, really creamy and delicate^^!

                                                  no gyaru make up, i was go out of the work :P

                                               beer, sprits and foods....i love this moments!
And this was the coord of that day
Dress: INGNI
Accessories: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Jouetie
Bag: Vivienne Westwood

The other afternoon, instead, the weathe was cold, so i wear my new Ingni set, for my himekaji look^^.
Is really warm and soft, one girl ask me wher i buy this ^//^.

Shoes: Offbrand
                                                                  Accessories: Liz Lisa
Make up zoom:
this upper lash are died XD

Other pics:

And last...i've try the new brown lash that 've buy; i dont' know. I like the uppr lash, but i dont like more the bottom...dont' sui me well, or maybe is not my model of lash. What do you think?

lunedì 22 aprile 2013

New items! part 2

Good morning! Today i make the second part of my latest shopping session. This'is was the last order from interner ç_ç!! Now i must save for the trip...there are almost 5 weeks!
So...let's go.

 Ma*rs dress

 The first MaRs dress that sui me*_*!!! I'm so happy!!I could not believe it when I tried it XD!

Liz Lisa norvegian top

 So fluffy and worm ...so cute^^!!

Ingni set

 When i see it in the new spring collection, i'm fall!! Tle lilac sweater is really lovely whit the beads and flowers.

Jouetie shoes
love-love-love <3

Victoria Secrets swimmsuit

 Tatoo collant
 The first have wrong the model...ç_ç, but i love the other^^

I'm very hapy now, aven if  it has been a long adventure now that all packages arrive save XD! But now my babys are here^^!!