domenica 29 settembre 2013

Black lover// gyaru web shop, daily life and coords

Hello cuties!!!
Today post i full of notice, new and some pics...i hope that like you...and take me a comment if you want, i'm always happy to read your opinion^0^!!
 But first...

Happy b-day my great friend Laura, i love you honey.

This week was full, work, friend, trouble, family...all the same thing. I want made a new order, but i find so more stuff that i want cry ç_ç!!! I need moneyyy XD!!!
For now i've buy one pair of new circle lense and a Glamorus Jane dress.
Lately i  search web store that sell items from brands like Ma*rs, Me Jane and other...and i see that now Yesstyle sell this brands*_*!!
You can find Ma*rs, Golds Infinity, Me Jane, Liz Lisa and Glavil!

I've see that price are quite good, and the shipping now is free, so is a really good accasion!!

About other....this's a little diary of my past week^_^.

1- The time whit cake....i yeah, i'm fucking cake lover**!

 2- Saturday Party Night...so funny**!

3- Cooking time.

4- Time whit my friends.
And my outfit of yesterday, i wear my Glamorous Jane dress.

Dress + jacket: Glamorous Jane
Collant: taobao
Heal shoes: taobao

I wanted dress agejo style, but more "easy"....simply hair but i mad my make up more darker of my usual.

and my face spam pics XD

And this's me this afternoo..i was go out for buy a present whit my friends.
After the "aggressive" of yesterday night, today i'm a "good" bon ton girl ^3^...eheheheh

 Top: Tally
Skirt: Murua
Tight: randoma shop in Japan
Bag: Vivienne Westwood

duck face.. my real nature

So...i remember now that i wanted show you my last stuff...but i made other post for this °3°. I've some old coord...but all in the next post, ok?!
A lot of kisses...and if you want, leave me one comment

sabato 14 settembre 2013

September is coming // 2 new coords

Good morning sweety!
September is here, but the weather is perfect now...basically for the make up and  wear my fav liz lisa  dresses^_^!
I made a new order whit new dresses, i ho pe that arrive soon**!!I must buy some new makeup item and extension too.

Anyway, finally today i wear my fab Liz Lisa dress, and i was go out whit my mother for shopping. I missed romantic style..i want wear a lot from now >_<!!
I hope like you
 Dress: Liz Lisa
Boot: Liz lisa
Choker: random japan shop

Pics spam :P

Zoom  aye make up

And this i sthe coord that i wear today for the work, i wanted weat this shirt..i 've bought it some mouth ago i i never wear ç_ç...sorry cutie

 T-shirt: Jouetie
Skirt: murua
Shoes: Jouetie

See you in the nex post^o^!!

domenica 8 settembre 2013

Talking about A/w fashion!

Good Sunday dears!! I' really happy today becouse i've 2 free days, i nedd relax...and i need new dye for my hair XD!!
Now that summer is over, I can make the dye without worry me that the hair from becoming too bright because of the sun. I dont' know how color choise...but i think blonde.
Anyway...today i went for shops and i've see a lot of beautifull clothes!!

This season one of the must is the rock/ punk style, and i'm really happy becouse i love this*_*!!
You can find a lot of tartan, skull, studs,lace, leather inserts on t-shit and dresses...love-love.
If you like the combo Black x Gold....baby, you'll finda lot of accessories and chain belt ;)! 
Now i see a lot of stuff that i buy last year from  japan brand XD!! 
Murua is the first. If you search in internet past collection of murua, you can find alot of thing fot this season.
But also Ingni and Glad News are the same.

Other trend for the a/w is  "american sporty", but i dont' like it >>. All this striped shirts with logos and lettering very similar to the uniforms of American rugby...brr....horrible.
Them...i've read on fashion megazine/ blog some about Preppy style
Do you know it?
is difficult to explain, but if you search it in google images you will understand immediately.

 sample of preppy coord

I like this style, but i dont' think i can weat it^^. Lika always my fav styles are roma and rokku*w*.
Are so different, i know, but this two style  represent so well my personality, i'm bipolar person XD!

For finish, some pics of random outfits of today and past week. Nothing of special, but i like it^^. Recently i like a lot straight hair, but i wish they were more longer XD!

 Top: bhò..i dont' remember XD
 Bow jeans: shop from taobao
Chain belt: Ma*rs replica
Shoes: Tally

                                                                             make up

And this's me today:

T-shirt: benetton
Gilet: ebay
Leo skirt: Wakanuchi Chinatsu
Platform Shoes: taobao
Acessories: tally


And there my shopping...
 t-shir whit cross , chain and leather insert
this's a perticolry vest, here you dont' see well, but is really cool when you where it^^! I hope to wear it soon and show you the effect!!