martedì 26 febbraio 2013

Liz Lisa & Ma*rs spring collection! /// Korean Restaurant

Hi cuties^^! Finally today in Italy the sun shine in the sky**!! Is a beautifull day...i hope that the sping will come soon.
So, waiting this...i went to see the catalogs of the new summer collection of my favorite gyaru brand.
I've find Liz Lisa and Ma*rs, for now^^.
I love the color of this season...so cute*_*!! Pink, lilac, yellow, mint green, orange, fucsia...and more!

Let's start whit Liz Lisa

 super cute cood
 love this dress*_*!!

 i like more this pic..have wonderfull colors^^!

 i this dress too...and the bag

 i'm fall of this pants*_*!! i want it, this coord is perfect

 is a cute collection...but i prefer the last year collection^w^.

Now Ma*rs: i don't like more this, is quite away from the usual ma*rs style.What do you think about?

 i like tha dress that wear tomomi
 cute print..i live the skirt whit colorful stone**!

 the pants are cute

 Some items are cute... but in general it makes me crazy. better for my wallet, thanks XD

Soo...Friday evening i wag go whot my friend in the Korean restaurant for the fist time ( second for me).
We've a lot of fun and i ate a lot, everything was very good!*ç*
If you want to try it I recommend it, only one thing: it's all hot XD! if you are not fond of chili .... careful.
I want show you some pic, not gayru style for this time..I was very late, so I could not prepare :P.

 the menù..is quite expansive°°
 meat for grilling
 fritters of fish and vegetables ... oishii!
 grillinggg...you can grill yorself you meat, is really fun^^!
beef marinated in soy sauce with mushrooms and bamboo .... delicious <!
ohhh ... someone is cooking meat here XD

 stupid face lol...my lovely friends

 emmmhhh.....XD!! after the dinner, irish pub for one drink, and stupid photo, of course XD

Welll..finally' ive finish..I hope you enjoyed the post^^!!

giovedì 21 febbraio 2013

My last passion: tatoo collant and leggins /// new outfit

Hi cuties!
come state? spero bene^^! Oggi vi voglio annoaire con la mia ultima fissazione, scoppiata quando ho visto il nuovo catalogo di Calzadonia: leggins stamapti e i collant tatoo!!
Mi sono davvero innamorata di queste cose,e ora non faccio altro che comprarne XD!
Ce ne sono una marea...sopratutto su taobao ho trovato un sacco di bei collant, visto che in cina/giappone sono usciti già la stagione scorsa.
Voi che ne pensate^^?

Today i want  bore you with my last passion: leggins whit pattern and tatoo collant!
I'm really fall of this, and i want buy so much XD!! I've see more of this on taobao...are super cute and cheap!
And you, what think about them? 

From Calzedonia catalog:

i've buy this:
 i love butterfly*_*!

 and this...are wondefull*_*!

I've buy this other from taobao..


Ieri pomeriggio ero a casa, e ne ho approfittato per usicre con le mie amiche. Piccolo aperitivo e spettegolezzi, un pomeriggio perfetto !   Abbiamo anche progettato cosa fare al mio compleanno, che sarà tra un paio di settimane^^.
Il mio outfit di ieri, in stile Liz Lisa:
Shirt: Liz Lisa
Short: Liz Lisa
Boot: taboao
Bag: Ma*rs

Spriz & finger foods
  And my
 i've strange face here

E domani seraaaa......ristorante coreano!! E' la seconda volta che ci vado..non vedo l'ora*_*!!

And tomorrow night ...... Korean restaurant! It 's the second time I go there .. I can no wait *_*!

Ja ne°v°!