sabato 14 gennaio 2012

first post of 2012!

Hello honeys! I'm still alive...ehehehe^^!I'm really busy in this period, and i' dont have more time for improve my style >_<!! but i MUST do it U_U.
How has your new year started? I wish for you all well.I don't have resolution for this year...i know me, i dont make nothing in the and XD. In February i'll go whit my dear friend in Paris for a week. But I'll  no talk about this now.
Btw ,I change color of the hair...but i dont like it more ç_ç!! I don't know can i do, if change or wait.
Sorry fot thi bad picture, but i want ask you some comment of this make up.
 I want change lashes, which do you suggested? In this picture i used Diamond lash...but i think hat Dolly Wink are better fom me; this are beautiful, but too long  and the effect most "false" XD

 Finally the dres that i buy from Sui is arrived*_*! I'm really happy, i like more^^.

Argghh....i want buy new stuffe...shoes, bag,dress..XD!! I want  make a new order from taobao and Y!Japan...my list is very long !!
Ja Ne!!