mercoledì 25 dicembre 2013

Little Christmas post

Merry Christmas !! Short post, i want only show my my coord for this special day^^!! I wish you a great time, with your parent,friends and all your special person!!
Today i've eat a lot..iI think going to explode .. and now I'm still missing half the dinner and cake!

 Dress: Ma*rs
Collant: tally
Shoes: offbrand
Nacklace: Ma*rs

Make up:

Pics spam><

giovedì 19 dicembre 2013

Before Xmas come.

Morning lovelys!! How are you? sorry for this long time no posting, gommenasai!!
Xmas is always to near...i'm really happy. Even if this period is hard 'couse my work, i really like the atmosphere: light, sweats, xmas tree, decoration..all is so sparking*_*!!
A few days ago I went around to look for gifts and i made some pics of this place wher you can find a lot of cute stuff **
I want a pink xmas tree for mee XD!!

 I've buy this one , so cutee ><

Today was really cold, so i can wear one of my super warm sweaters ( i wear it only when is reaaly cold becaouse  I always hot XD).
Sweater: random brand
Pants: Liz Lisa
Boots: taobao
Bag: Ma*rs
Belt: Ma*rs
Hat: taobao

Try again for a oneegayru style and make up...but you do not see the brown eyeshadow ç_ç

These are two outfits of the past weeks

 Dress: terranova
Cardigan Benetton

top: Ma*rs
Cardigan: benetton
Pants: taobao 

I waiting a pack whit my Xmas stuff..i hope arrive soon><!!
See you soon...

domenica 1 dicembre 2013

Another style

Hello cutiepies,  how are you^^?
December is coming, and Christmas is more near..i'm happy !
Like as you can see from the title, lately I went over to other styles apart from romantic. I discover a big passion for onee gyaru, or the style that you find in gyaru magazine like Happie Nuts and Blenda.

Probably the reason why it is also a lot of work, and this style is easier to wear all day ... unfortunately for me it is almost impossible Liz Lisa dress in the store XD (in summer is much easier).
I would then try to dedicate myself to this style too, especially love inspire to Sayoko and Chie Yoshikawa, who wears a casual / fashion.

So...some pics of the past weeks, i dont post for a long>_<

 My cousin was graduated, and for his party I wore this coordinated onee .. 
(or at least, I hope it is XD)

The outfit
 Chanel style jackt: taobao
Short: Tally
Top: Benetton
Tight: taobao
Shoes; Jeffrey Campbel replica
Accessories: pimkie

 I've buy a lot of japan foon and made a caramel pudding,,i love it*ç*:

  My pockyyyy,,, i want all the taste >-<
 some random outfi that I had wornt of past weeks...nothing of special.

 Top: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Shoes: offbrand
Bag: Liz lisa

Sweater: ingni
Jeans camisole: tally
Skirt: WC
Heel Shoes: taobao
Hat: taobao

And there are from today....i goes out whit my friends; i  found a lot of books that I would like to buy .. but I have to decide to buy the saga of the "Game of Thrones" ( my n°1 in the list)

Today roma style, whit my new Ingni dress^^!

Make -up time

Dress: Ingni
Tight: taobao
Shoes: selftrend
Hat: Ingni 
ok, is all, i hope that you like reading this post^^!! give me advice pls for the onee gyaru style, i need!!

lunedì 18 novembre 2013

Winter stuff // whislist for Xmas

 Hello cutipie!! Today finally i post my new gets for the winter; this is the yeat of fluffy sweater and onee stuff. Lately i love wear more oneegyaru style, but i always love rokku and roma style too.
Anyway,lets start

The pack...one 7kg..omg XD!!

And my stuff all together

Snidel top,ear  hat and collant

 Ingni sweater

Ingni dress

 Ingni maxi camisole

Chanel style

Cross Dress and hat whit rivet

Ma*rs set

 Ma*rs romper

 Ma*rs accessories

Dolly shoes

New wig
 And some random gifs from the shop *w*

Ok..it's all!! I was really happpy and excited when the packeges was arrived**!! Do you like them^^?!

And now...my wishlit for xmas. I really like all...but i don't kwon if i can buy all XD!!I'm glad if you want some stuf for me eheheheh XD!!

Glad News dress

Datura dress, i like pink or lilac**

Random shirt

 Liz Lisa dress

Resexxy cardigan

 Flower print shirt

Datura print rose dress...i really love**!!

Ma*rs bag

Check shirt

Ma*rs dress

The skirt *ç*!!
 And other dress

See you soon !!! leave me a comment if you like this post..byee :)!!