lunedì 3 febbraio 2014

Winter shopping, great shopping

Finally one new post, sorry if lately i dont post nothing, but i'm really busy ç_ç!!
I 've  other things to write about, but I'll do a post at a time; today the main protagonist is the last shopping that i made ^o^!

*__* i love when the pack is do huge XD!!

So, let's go now..

 Pinky Rose hight boots

Ingni bag

 Hight waist jeans and random shirt

 Liz Lisa style dress

 Random shirt/poncho

 Rienda style dress

maxi camisole jeans + leo 

 Nail poolish stikers, bottom lash and 2 Etude Hause lipstick ( i made soon a review about this).

I've   trade my Ma*rs dress with Jojo, and she give me this super lvoely Golds Infinity dress**! i think that i can wear this mor often, and is more closer to my style:)
What do you think?

  Tomorrow i want go to my hairdresser, i dont know id make it more blonde ...anyway in the pics always seem red/orange XD!!

For today is over