venerdì 8 marzo 2013

My B-day and Woman day

Hello princess!!! 
Today is the Woman Day in Italy, a  day for all the girls, and my b-day too!
So i want wish you all princess an happy aand funny day whit your "girl" friends.

I've make a lillte "midnight party" for my b-day whit my friends, and  this evening i'll go to the cinema to wach the film "Il grande e potente Oz" whit some my friends, so the other girls  can go to see male strippers. I do not like these things, so I prefer the cinema XD.

So...for finish this post , this is a pic of past day; i wear y favorite Liz Lisa dress for a himekaji style :).

 Se you to the next post^^!

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  1. Risposte
    1. yes, is really cute^^!
      thanks for the comment <3

  2. Happy birthday!! ^^ Looking so adorable <3

    1. thank you dear,you're always so sweet^////^!!

      i'm happy that this look like it :3