giovedì 14 marzo 2013

Memories of the week

How are you minna?
I'm back to the worck, so my last days are really boring and busy..i want more vacation!!
If I think that there are less than three months to my trip to Japan >__<... I can not wait!
Anyway, last week-and i meet after long time my lovely KK gilrs, Rose and Nana. We had lunch together we go on a shopping spree; when i see in a games shop this giant figure on Lara Croft, i cannot resist, so i ask Rose to me me a pic;

 Please, have mercy for me,was a rainy day, and my hair and makeup are really messy! 

Here when i back at home:

 Make up:

 Yesterday i go out my friend because we signed up in the pool, for the course of aquafit, I have to put a little on a diet and sports U_U before the summer!
After this...we go to MC Donalds XD....the last of ever.
Was a sunny and warm day, finally!! I want the spring coming soon.

 Shirt: Benetton
Flower skinny: Pimkie
Shoes: Jeff. Campbel
Belt: Ebay

Make -up:

For this outfit i'm ispire from oneegyaru cord that i've see on Scawaii. I'm fall this pants and i want buy more skinny whit flower print**!!

Soo today, i've want try some new coord for this skirt; i've buy from Yumetenbo some year ago, but i dont know I do not know how to match it, to make an outfit more gyaru.
You have some advice? 




 Bonus Pic:

I hope that you are able to give me more ideas :)! Polka dots are very popul this spring, ive see more cute items whit this print^^!
This week i  wait for the arrival of a nice package .. I hope comes soon, so I'll show you in the next post!


6 commenti:

  1. I love your wavy hair - it reminds me of summer and the beach (^_^) Very cute and pretty outfits <3

    1. thank you sweety, you're always kin >///<!!
      I love wavy and curly hair, I have straight hair, it is very difficult to keep the fold! sometimes I hate them! XD

      i want spring so much ç_ç!!!

  2. ohh you're going to Japan, awesome!
    have fun there.

    Your outfits are really cute. I also like to wear sneakers and frilly socks:3 I think it looks cute. I often wore it last summer. also love your hair:3

    1. yes, this year i coem back to Japan^^!! I'm really happy for this!

      I'm glad that you like the coord and thank for you sweet comment^^.

      I like too wear sporty items whit dress/ skirt girly...are most interessant, il ke mix the styles^^.

  3. Hi!
    I've tagged you for the Leibster Award!
    If you want to participate, please go here to get the rules! <3