giovedì 28 marzo 2013

A long hard wait

Hello cuties!! I'm really nervous in this days>_<! I'm waiting 3 pack whit my new stuf... but it's still got nothing. 
 I hope that at least one arrives, so i know what to put in that meeting will be saturday in Milan. I don't know what to wear ever ... also because they will all be beautiful, i don't want to look bad XD.
Anyway...yesterday i was go out whit my friends fro buy a birthday gift. I wear my lovely Golds Infinity top ( lately i re-discovered this brand, i want buy other top**), but the time was so bad and cold, so i had a pair of pants, no skirt ç_ç.

Some pic, 

 Top: Golds Infinity
Skinny ripped (pink) jeans: berska

 Make up

Lately i read often zipper, and i'm fall whit AMO e AYAMO.
I love their photo set and coord*_*!! I think thar are most stylish and original .

She's so beautifull...like and angel**!

I want the bag and the cherry cardigan*ç*!!

Is over for today, i hope to made a new pos soon^_^!!I go to drink a Vanilla and Caramel Tee now.
A lot of kisses

6 commenti:

  1. I love your hair and the golds infinity top *-* have fun at the meetup!

    And I think Amo is so cute! she was one of my favorite models when I read kera ^^

    1. Thank you honey,you're alwais sweet^^... i must improve more whit my hair>-<!!

      Yeah, Amo have a great style..i like reand kera, aven if isn't gyaru..but i full of ispiration^^

  2. I'm in love with your layout!
    Pretty girl :D You look pleasantly adroable~~

    1. Nyaa..thanks honey^_^!!

      and thank you for the sweet compliment, make me happy *////*!!

  3. Amo has some really cute styles, so it's easy to love them! Your hair and outfit both look lovely~

    1. Yeah, you right, Amo style is amazing ^_^

      and thank you for the sweet comment >///<