lunedì 4 marzo 2013

Finally free!! some new outfits and pic spam

Hello minna!! How are you? i'm really happy today, and you know why??!!
Because i dont' go to work for one week^0^!! yuhuuuu!!!
I can go out avery day whit my friends, make shopping, play whit my Playstation, go to the japanese resturant, dress avery day my favorite style....and this week is my birthay too!
My friends are organize a wonderfull "girl nigh" for this day. I'm really happy and i can no wait :)

I want sho you some new cord of this days; the first one like me, more rokku style. How do you think about it? and i've try a new bottom lash.
 Gilet: ebay
t-shirt: terranova
skirt: berska
tatoo collant: calzedonia
cross earring: jouetie
shoes: taobao

Some random pic

 vintage pic style

..and make up detail
i've buy this bottom lash from china store...are cheap and cute^^

and this's today afternoon, really simple himekaji style ( i think XD). I want wear my new mint skinny jeans, i'm relly love of this...but in the pic the color is fake >>.
Skinny jeans: Tally Waijil
Shirt: liz lisa
Shoes: china store
hat: ingni

i relly love this pic...but is too beautifuul for to be me XD

Thanks for reading , and if you want leave me some comments  are welcome^^!  A big kiss

4 commenti:

  1. Hey :)) aww your pictures are cute! The vintage one is my favourite and I think rokku suits you!! XOXO :)


    1. hii!!
      thank you honey,you're so kind >//<!!

      rokku is my favorite style in this period, i'm happy that like it^^

  2. you look adorable :) i like the first outfit a lot with the sneakers ^_^ keep in touch

    Joyce @carouselstreet.com

    1. thank you, i'm happy that you like the coord^^

      i love hight sneakers^w^