domenica 24 marzo 2013

I'll be a princess one day //free talk

Hello princess!!
Today short post because i dont' ve no interesting pic about this week. I'll show you my new stuff, but the pack isn't arrived yet ç_ç!!
 because of this weather, I have not wanted to dress nice, so no cute coord... only casul  style for the job.
Today here rain....and if it does not rain it's cloudy, it's terrible
i'm not happy like you >-<!!!
This week, i find the new online catalog of my favorite wedding brand, Uno et l'atoile,  and this meke me fell a little better...because this dresses are a dream*_*!
I want show you,  hope that like it^^

Are wonderfull, do you know?? Last year the model was Tsubasa...she was damt beautifull*_*!! I'm not Christian believer, so the wedding dress in white don't care , I prefer a thousand times one of these!


Soo..other news, i've start aquafit whit my friends. 
 I know to be lazy, then I would never go to the gym , so have seen this course and we entered. I hope so for this summer to lose more weight and tone, :P!
Next week i'll go to the hairdresser to get the color and other extensions, as these are a bit small. Then when he starts to get hot the will arise, partly because I have to save for the trip to japan.
I hard "seve the money" when you see your favorite brand and the new summer items ....i want a lot of dress from Ingni, Liz lisa, Jouetie...and Tally Waijl ç_ç. 
I've find more cute dress of Glamorous Jane and Ma*rs on Mbok, but the service is really expasive....but the item are soo cheap!! >__<!!!Stop!!
For finish, now i'm fixed whit the japanese dishes: ramen bowls, set of rods, plates and spoons!! I need all!

  And you, what are your "fixed" lately? What would you like to buy absolutely?

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