giovedì 25 aprile 2013

Where's the spring?? happy hour and new coord

Hello cuties, how are you?  i hope fine. thisa week is really busy, but i'm happy ^^!
The weather i so strange here; one day is sunny, other day is rainy, cold, hot...>_<!! the good thing is that I could use winter garments that I bought recently, which you can see in the previous post.

Sunday i was go whit my lover to make one fantastic happy hour in our  favorite place.
I taked an Pina Colada...is really delicius her, really creamy and delicate^^!

                                                  no gyaru make up, i was go out of the work :P

                                               beer, sprits and foods....i love this moments!
And this was the coord of that day
Dress: INGNI
Accessories: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Jouetie
Bag: Vivienne Westwood

The other afternoon, instead, the weathe was cold, so i wear my new Ingni set, for my himekaji look^^.
Is really warm and soft, one girl ask me wher i buy this ^//^.

Shoes: Offbrand
                                                                  Accessories: Liz Lisa
Make up zoom:
this upper lash are died XD

Other pics:

And last...i've try the new brown lash that 've buy; i dont' know. I like the uppr lash, but i dont like more the bottom...dont' sui me well, or maybe is not my model of lash. What do you think?

12 commenti:

  1. woaa I love both coords! the first one inspired me to wear my leopard skirt again!^^
    And the second one makes me wanna buy a lavender top >w< such great spring colors!

    1. thank you Jojo, you're always so kind^w^!
      i'm happy that you like the coord :)

      Lavander is really beauty color, and i'm sure that sui tyou well^0^!

  2. Both coords are so beautiful ! I love them so much ! Actually , I like all your coords ! You`re such a big inspiration ! <3
    And you look so great in lavender color ! You should wear it more often ! ^o^

    1. Omg, thank for this special comment >////<! I'm honorate of your words, really thanks sweet^^

      Yeah, i love the color, in fact spring is my fav period^^.

  3. Soo cute! I love the shoes too! <3

  4. I love ankle socks with pumps. I wear them a lot too^-^ looks so cute

    1. yes, i love too^! i must buy other sock of this kind, i've only 2pair :)!

      thank you for the comment^^

  5. The second coord is my favorite! I love how sweet and casual it is. Makes me want to break out my lavender pullover as well >u< That ring is very pretty too! ❤❤

    1. thanks sweety^^!
      i really love spring color of this years, i hope to wear more often this pastel color^^! I'm glad that like you too :3

  6. I love your outfit.. it's very cuteee..