venerdì 12 aprile 2013

I'm (un)lucky girl

Hi everyone!Sorry for no posting often in this days, but today i make a little post for  you.
I told you that i waiting new pack...but i'm very unlike this time ç_ç!

Sunday, one pack was arrived; i was really happ, but when the courier gave me the package, I thought it was a little too small, considering the stuff I had ordered (a lot), but i took it.
I came home and I opened it ... inside was a t-shit of Kairy Pamyu Pamyu and  2 creepy cute hair ribbon.
this was my face --->  WTF o___O!!!!!!!!!  

Obviously it was not my stuff ... shopping service has confused the packs! Total panic.
I immediately sent an e-mail, and now I'm waiting to know where my stuff ç_ç!

 The same day, another pack was arrived, this one wad my Golds Infinity top *_*! 
I' ve buy from  "Petite Egoist", a cute shop that you can find on FB

I love it, but is a little stretch on my bust >_>. So...i try this outfit for make this post XD. 

Top: Golds infinity
Leggins: Calzedonia
Shoes: offbrand

Make up zoom

I hope that in the next post i can show you the new stuf...pray for me >_<!!

6 commenti:

  1. Wow I can untherstand that it is scary to open youre box that just arrived and there are other items in it xD

    btw I love youre blog
    how about following each other??
    greetz, lenie

    1. thank you dear^^, you're really sweet and kind, i'm happy that you want follow me ^w^

      yeah, i' m really ungry, but yesterday i find where is my pack, thanks of my sweet friend Nana. I hope that my stuff arrive soon

  2. woow that's so unlucky! D: how unprofessional of the shoppingservice! I hope you can get the stuff that you ordened ><

    the golds infinity top is really pretty! *_* golds is one of my favorite brands ^-^

    1. yeah, but my pack is anyway in italy, so i fell much better now. I want soon my stuff çoç
      golds infinity make such more cute top, but are quite expansive XD

  3. Oh no, how could this even happen? Hopefully they didnt sent your stuff to someone who will just take it at its own >3<

    1. no pro :) i've already see where is my pack, it arrived to me soon^_^!!

      thank you for worriedd ^_^