mercoledì 17 aprile 2013

Finally new stuff!! -part 1-

Finally, finally finally!!!
I'm the most happy girl in the worlds today...why? because one pack that i'm waiting since one month is arrived today!!
I'm glad that is arrived, i never use more China Post Airmail...so much time  >-<!! 
 All the stuff are wonderfull, but i've make this order last month, so the dress and the shirt are to much wintry for now ç_ç...damn! Only 2 shirt i can wear now...but the most important is that i've my stuff^^.

My room when i received the pack XD

 New lash, are replica of Amo x Eyemazing...color brown^^!I want try it soon, and make a rew.
The other is this cocker, maybe a replica o Ghost of Harlam or Tutuha..i dont' know XD

Liz Lisa Norvegian print dress...so cutee*_*, but now i cant wear it!!

New headcase, i'm love*_*!

INGNI dress..i love it, i want in all colors XD
Ingni belt

 Ingni top

  Ingni shirt..i like Ingni, do you know XD??

And this other items i've buy this mornig, all Tally Waijil

The last cap of Uncharted*_* I love you Nate *ç*!!

 Some new nail polish

From Berhska

So...i'm really happy, now i wait the othr packs^^!! I can not wait to wear them all, finally that spring has arrived (I would say more summer anyway).See ypu in the next post

4 commenti:

  1. che belli questi acquisti.. da dove hai comprato??

    1. grazie cara^^, gaurda, è tutta roba presa dal giappo, tramite shopping service. Seguardo il gyaru e le loro varie brand giapponesi , trovo solo online :)!

      ormai il mio shopping lo faccio praticamente tutto online XD...non trovo quasi nulla che mi piaccia in italia, parte da tally e terranova**.

  2. I love that neck choker ^^

    恵美より ♥