martedì 30 aprile 2013

1° Harajuko Fashion Walk in Milan!! < Pic heavy >

Hi!! As i had written in the previous post (here) , Sanday in Milan was held the first Harajuko Fashion Walk.
In many other cities in Italy do the same, such as Roma and Torino... but it was the first time that was make in Milan^_^!  I love this kind of event, so i could not miss it, it was a beautiful day, a lot of fun where I could know at new people, but also meet from the other girls i had not seen for some time.
There some pic: 
    All together^^



 decora/ fairy key

....and gyaru, yeah!! We could not miss, with our group KK Diamante.
from left: Rose, Nana , Mia and Jay. 

Other pics:
Here i'm whit a new cute friend, Lucrezia^^ 
 my look for this day

 i love this pic >_<!!

Dress: Ma*rs
Bag: Deary
Belt: Ma*rs
Boot: Tally


 Make up zoom:

 This morning i've discover that i make a pic whit  one of my favorite radio presenter, Radio DJ, that is,  La Pina! I really i had not really noticed it was her, omg XD...in fact, whit al the grup were interviewed at the park, where he was holding an event sponsored by Radio DJ.

i've finish finally,eeheh^^! Tomorrow i'll to the sea,near Genova, whit my company of friends*_*!! I' can't wait..i want sun, hot and seaa *ç*!!!
i go to finish to prepare my bag, se you and good night!!

11 commenti:

  1. You all looked nice:3
    love the gyaru pic. It's awesome that there are fashion walks etc all around the wolrd:3 we also just recently had an event like that.

    1. yeah, is really funny event and you can meet more new people^o^!!
      i'm happy that you like the pics^w^!!

  2. Aaah sarei voluta esserci anch'io T_T mi piace un sacco il tuo outfit! <3

    1. si dai, chus...spero tanto che al prox evento ci si possa conoscere, mi farebbe davvero piacere^^!
      sono contenta che ti piaciuto l'outfitt >////<..merito tutto del vestito di ma*rs XD!

  3. You`re all so cute ! <3 I love all the pics and the outfits , but your outfit is just...super-mega-extra beautiful ^o^.
    And have fun at the sea ! :3

    1. thanks you sweet >////<!! you're really sweet and kind , thansk for this lovely comment.
      I'm really happy that like you my outfit, arigatoo^w^!!

  4. Risposte
    1. grazie^_^!
      c'eri anche tu quel giorno? (scusa ma non ricordo tutti ,nel caso >-<!)

    2. purtroppo no D:
      mi sarebbe piaciuto molto esserci *^*

    3. ohh..capisco..spero ne facciano presto un altra e che tu posso parteciparvi :)!

    4. lo spero anche io ^^, anche se abitando a Torino dovrei prendere il treno .. T_T