lunedì 29 aprile 2013

Rokku inspire outfit and japan food

Hello cuties^_^! Such a cool title that i've write today...XD mmmmhh.
This past week and was a relly fun day; yesterday in Milan was held the first Harajuko Fashion Walk, it was great, but i'll talk in the next post .. today i'll talk about another :P

It's nothing special post, i only want show you one new rokku outfit that i wear when i went in to the japan resturant some  days ago.  I'm not sure you defined rokku 100% .... do not you? Maybe amekaji/ rokku? bho°°, i don't know, but i like it more. I hope that like you too^^

Shirt: INGNI
Skirt: WC
Sock: takeshita dori random store
Shoes: Jouetie
Chocker: GoH replica

Zoom up:
my favorite lash, eyemazing by Mizukitty n°301

And my food..miso ramen*_*! Is perfect in this cold days...so yummy! I love the naruto inside, are my best part.

One month on my trip to Japan, I will start to do the countdown *_*! Yeah!
I'm still looking at photos of the places that we will visit, all wonderful. I'm thinking of buying a new camera, because mine is a bit dated and I would like to do a lot of nice pictures .. but I do not know whether to take it here and there in japan.
I would be fine even a simple Coolpix, but they are expensive, sigh ç_ç . But for now it's ok. See you in the next post babys, kisses!!

6 commenti:

  1. ohh you go to japan?
    I want too <333

    great post

    greetz, lenie

    1. yeah, i can't wait >___<!!!
      japan is a wonderful place, not only for the shopping XD..i relly love their colture*_*!

      thank you for the visit and the sweet comment^^

  2. I love the outfit <3. Woooa...You`re so lucky to go to Japan ! ^o^ Make sure to have fun there ! ^^ I want to go too T~T.

    1. thank lovely>////<!!you're so kind, i'm glad that like you the outfit!

      i can't wait to go in japan...miss me a lot çoç!!
      I hope to see more wonderfull place, make alot of shopping and purikura *_*!!

      I wish you to go in japan soon^w^!