domenica 3 febbraio 2013

Finally new stuff are here!

Finally today is my free day..and don't work!! I'm really tired..i want go on holiday soon çoç!
Fortunately this week the new pack has arrived. This time was relly heavy, 5 kg.
I was afraid for customs, since I used ems .. but luckily it has arrived!i'm a lucky girl *v*!

This is my part, the other stuff s were of my friends. Soo...let's go!

Lipstick and corrector palettes
MAC set makeup brush

new shoes...i like this model^^!
Emoda cross earring with spikes
Ingni leopard pulloever...i want it in light pink,,but was sold ç_ç!
One Spo cardigan...is so cute, but small form meç_ç! i want sell ..if you're interested, tell me

Ma*rs leo furry bag. I pure love**!

and about the bag, inside there I found a Korean money! Strange ,no?
 My friend told me that it was made for good luck, because when you gift (or purchase used bag) of the bags, it's bad luck not to put in a coin ... I did not know, that's so sweet ^ ^!
Today i've try a new make up, but i show you in the nex post^^...so, stay tuned XD!
Well ... soon send Titanic in Tv tonight.. oh oh ... i want watch it °v°! Always if I fall asleep before the icerbarg come (very possible)!

4 commenti:

  1. che bellina la borsa leo di ma*rs!
    davvero graziose anche le altre cosine **

    1. piace tanto anche a me^^. pensavo solo fosse un pò più grande, ma fà nulla :)!

  2. Awww the Korean money in the bag is really sweet!! *^* I love the bag! And the other things are also really cute *^*

    1. yeah! i hope that really give me lucky :3!!

      thanks honey, i can't wait to wear all them XD!