lunedì 28 gennaio 2013

Short post: Ma*rs outfit and my confidence

I'm quite sad today =0=....
basically is because I can't make any improvement in my gyaru style. I try, but in the end ,when I see me, it's not like when i see pictures of other wstern gyaru ...
is stressful.
Maybe it's the kind of make-up ... is that I don't have nice long hair.
I don't know ... but my confidence has fallen
This is my last cord,,,yesterday. I like it, but my pic don't suggest you: "oh..is a gyaru".

I dont' want quit, i love this style/fashion so much....i must try to improve more and more and more >_<!!
Now that I complained ... I think I'm going to eat some pancakes to cheer XD! :P!!


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    1. grazie giadina...a me invece fanno schifo..sono insulsi e anonimi ç_ç!

  2. You could try a tank top under the black sweater instead of a turtle neck! That's the only thing I see that seems off :) I love your tights and skirt!

    1. thanks for you advice, i'll try :)
      the skirt is my favorite ma*rs print, is so cute.
      and thank you for the comment^^

  3. A me piacciono le scarpe *^*

    1. sono simili alle tue, che mi piacevano tanto..cosi ti ho copiato^o^

  4. I really like your style and your makeup and I know what you mean when you yourself see no improvement T_T I feel like this,too, sometimes and it really helps me to put on some heavy makeup and put much effort in my hairdo and my coord and then shooting pictures of myself ^-^ Maybe if you challenge yourself a little bit you will see how you improve? I hope this feeling passes away and you get happy and proud of yourself again! I think you're doing well and your style is really awesome!!!

  5. Thanks honey for your sweet words>-<!!
    Know they're not the only one that breaks down for this reason, it comforts me. The main problem is mainly in hairstyle: every time I see those beautiful girls with voluminous and curly hair, and then I look at my .. I feel bad XD. This week i want make some extansions..i hope that in this way they be more voluminous.

    Thank you for your advice and compliments, you're so sweet. Anyway, I think that you're really beautifull and I hope to improve as much as you did (even if you were wonderful since the beginning XD).
    A big huge ^w^!

  6. ti capisco tantissimo, soprattutto per i capelli vivi, prima di fare le exte ho sempre odiato i capelli corti, anche se ultimamente un sacco di gyaru li portano, per me l'idea del gyaru è sempre stata quella di una ragazza con i capelli lunghi e mossi ;__; btw, ti stanno bene i capelli così come li hai fatti ^^

    1. grazie ile >*<
      Anchio ho questa tua stessa "visione" del gyaru....e ovvimente ciò non fà altro che peggiorare le mie incertezze>-<.
      .Sarà il periodo, non losò..ma in ogni modo che li faccio i capelli, ricci, lisci mosii.o sparati non mi piaccionoé-è.
      Magari poi è un periodo di fisime mie...anzi, sicuro è cosi...spero che sta settimana andando a rifare la tinta qualcosa migliori..e sicuramente qualche exte me la faccio mettere.
      Cmq io amo i tuoi capelli, e sopratutto il modo in cui ti sta la frangia (maledetti mie 4 peli)

  7. Thank you for your comment ^.^

    Yes Jouetie is an amazing brand !

    I love your skirt and you know i think the same about me, but don't worry we're going to improve our style and be awesome gaijin gyaru !


    1. Thanks honey^w^...i' ll do my best and work hard!

  8. hey ! thank you for your adorable comment <3