giovedì 28 giugno 2012

New shopping a my swim suit!

Hi sweetiest!!!
 Finally iìve time to write a new post, i miss you  ^w^?
Anyway...this week is full, tomorrow maybe i meet in Milan a cute japanese gyaru, Kayo, she make a travel around the world. I'm really happy to meet her, i'll sure more interesting.

This mornig is arrived my new baby from Japan, i bought a Gold's Infinity dress and Ma*rs dress **!!! I'm super happy for this, but as the same time, i'm sad becuose are a little bit tight on my bust ç_ç!!! Why tha japn girl dont' have more breast XD!!! I'm still on a diet, so I hope to lose weight again, so I can wear them ... I love them very ç_ç! otherwise I will be forced to sell ç_ç.
So...i made  shopping whit my honey yesterday, and i've buy some cute stuff  from Tally ( this's my favorite shop!)


I want show you my swimsuit, even if i want buy more and more swimsuit XD! ahahah..i like it, and this year there'are more cute in the shops^^.

  i love it, they are my latest that i bought last year; the firts is from Funky Fish, buy it in Spagna. The pink is from Calzedonia.

          White x Gold is from Caldezonia and the lilak polka dots is from Yamamay

Is over for today,^^ i'm happy if you read my blog and want comment, i sure replay :)!!


4 commenti:

  1. so cool and pretty clothes <33

  2. Hi kanan.
    Do you remember me?
    I'm Shoko from Japan.
    Your so cute GAL!
    And I have a question for you.
    Where are you get Japanese clothes?
    In Italy? Or Japanese Web HP?

    1. hi dear^_^!! Sure, i remembre you, i'm happy taht you write again your blog^o^!!

      Thanks for the comment, i must imporve really more, but thanks <3

      I buy my clothes in italy and from internet, for the japanese brand lika Liz Lisa, Ma*rs and others^_^!! I really want this brand in Italy too XD!!