martedì 5 giugno 2012

My past week: funny whit my beloved friends*w*

Yo-hooooo!!Good morning  babys!!How are you?
I hope well! Today post i want talk you about my last week, super busy and funny...i spent many time whit my freinds, and i really really happy.
I've make many photos, but i show youa few pic, if no the post was rreally long XD...and i don't want boring you so much.

So, let's go whit Friday, i was go whit my friends in mountain; we've two destination, but we 've choise to go at Savignon, Swiss. The place was so cutee...immerse into the nature: waterfall, streams, wildflower meadows, little lake, squirrels....one little paradise*_*!! Is reallya pacific place; We had a picnic, sunbathing and crossed the pond with rafts.
Some pic:
                                                            my simple outfit for this day

                                                       my honeys, i love you so much!!
                                                              there're a lot of tadpole
                                        " woaaahhh"!this make pregnant my foot XD""

Saturday: normal saturday nigth, let's go out! no make up, sorry XD

Sunday we make a party for a birthday of mi dear friend Ambra. We have made ​​a lot of jokes, baby! First, we told her to come dressed normal, so it was only for a party among us. Us girls we dressed elegantly, and she is one with the fashionable set, and always comes out with heels and dresses ... so there has been terrible to see us XD ahaha .. but of course we brought a change of clothes :). This my himekaji otfit:

  Dress: pimkie
  Jacket: Benetton
                                                                      Sandals: DreamV 
                                                                      Accessories: Chocomint, HM

This's me firts; after 2 hour, my make up ll dissapeared, my make up is melted and cast all by dint of laughing XD (I cry like a wild fountain if you start laughing ... it's weird, I know XD). Also my half wig it was used by my friends ,especially males, who wanted to try. ahahahaha... we have a lot of fun, really!!! 

And finally, yesterday, i was go out for shopping whit my honeys;

Mori outfit, (?)

I've buy some new dress in MBook, but i can win 2 bids >_<!!! Nyaaa!! Pray for me XD!!
A big kiss, thansk for reading !!

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  1. OMG! tadpoles *---*
    makes tickle? i love your blog and folloy u!
    i'm a "newcomer" brazilian gal!

  2. Welcome dear^^! thanks for your sweet comment!
    yes, were tickled when they were around, but they were cute! I had never seen .... instead of my friends sucked XD