mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Shopping is the best thing

Hello cuties!! Sorry for not posting often, but is strange period for me..i'm a little sad for love affair...sigh!
The disappointments of love are always hard to forget, but the best medicine are friends and shopping xD (shopping is always the solution in my case).
So, today, when i'm back to the pool, i see that my pack is arrived^_^!! Yeahh!!
This in only the first pack of my summer sale...i hope that the other pack  arrives soon.. This time i'm also given to the auction .. I took advantage of my friend in Japanese that has been the shopping service for free , arigato Mimi!!

The first are my beloved Liz Lisa shoes....when i was in Japan, i see it, but was really expansive ç_ç!! but i've found them at auction new, cheap ... super lucky *_*! color I was not convinced .. but now that i've see it, i really love!!

                                             are really comfortable and feminine ^w^!

I've buy this cute Ingni dress, is really short XD!

                                                           and this Jouetie t-shirt

and this old One Spo set, top + poncho...is really cute^_^!!I want wear soon...

I was then at the wedding of my cousin ... it was very cute, although my mood was bad>_<
The weather was bad...like me XD!

lake of Como

one happy girl..hohohoho XD!!after the rain my hair was terrible...other motivation for my bad mood U_U

10 commenti:

  1. Very romantic blogpost ^^

    I love your outfit here <3<3

    ingi dress is also very cute :)

    greetz, lenie

    1. thank you dear :)!!
      the dress is lovely but really short...and i'm not tall ç_ç!! i'm glad that like you anyway :)!!

  2. I love the clothes and shoes you got! And I also went to the lake of Como, it's beautiful there *^*

    1. thank Amber, you're so kind ^w^!!
      Really you been to Como? wo .. I hope you come again then, I'd like to meet you in person *o*!!


  3. I love the one*spo set and Jouetie T-shirt..but well , I love everything you got ! <3
    That INGNI dress , though it`s really beautiful , would look like a top on me as I`m 1.75 TwT.
    And OMG~You looked so gorgeous at your cousins wedding~!

    1. eheheh, we like the same stuff :3!!
      wow..you're really tall..envyy!! i'm 1.61 XD...eheheh

      thank a lot for the compliment honey..make my feel happy >///<!!


    2. Yep :3.
      You don`t need to envy me...It`s better to be small than tall when it comes to clothes from gyaru brands TwT. I`m sure a lot of dresses will look like tops on me *forever crying*.
      You really don`t need to thank me~! <3

    3. maybe you're right >_<!!!
      anyway..i can't stop to thanks yoi, beacuse i'm really happy for you super sweet comment, you're so kindç0ç!!

  4. I love the INGNI dress! So pretty!! ><
    btw I said this before but you look so lovely in wavy hair :3
    And the view of the wedding looks so peaceful and beautiful <3

    1. Hi dear^_^. I'm glad that like you the dress...Ingni make ever super cute dress...in one my favorite brand^_^!

      really thanks for the compliments and the sweet comment, i love wavy hair too..i want it more long..but my hair are always short ç_ç! XD!!
      i'h really happy that like you the coord :*!