domenica 16 giugno 2013

Back to the dream -part 2-

Today i want continue whit my japan trip post, i hope dont' boring you :P!
Soo....where i stop? oh yes...after Shirakawa go and Takayama, we moved to Kyoto, where we stayed for 5 days.
These were the best days .. the most beautiful and fun at all, especially thanks to my roommates .. I love you!
Kyoto is really beautifull and magic city, expecially in the night, where you can go to Gion or other particolary place.

i've see a lot of wonderfull temples and stunning gardens...I did not think could be so beautiful gardens, places full of charm, calm,i would have stayed there forever. ç_ç!!
And the food was so delicious...okonomiyaki for a life!! 

I' ve see some geishe...are so damn beautifull and elegant ç_ç!! Here in Kyoto i was able to do some decent shopping...for my happiness. And purikura..of course.
After this 5 days, we was move to Osaka, for the 3 last days. 
Osaka remind me a lot Tokyo, full of color, light, shops, happy people...and here the game center are averywhere!!
 For the shopping time , i and my 2 other friends are go to Hep Five!! 6 floors filled with shops ... a dream! With sadness I've seen, however, there was no the shop Ma * rs and Golds Infinity ... sadness
But i've buy from Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge*_*!!
The shop staff of Ank Rouge was really delicious ... it was a love with me, we talked a little bit ... how cute!
Unlucky i don't ve whit me my camera..so no pics whit this lovely girls ç_ç!! 

In the next post i show you my shopping and other purikura...now  i can go out XD! A lot of kisses!!

4 commenti:

  1. I like the purikura~! You look so sweet in them ! ^^
    Woah~I can`t wait to see what you bought there ! *drooling at clothes*

    1. thank honey^^!! i lve make purikura..i really want one of this in Italy ç_ç!!!

  2. your pictures are amazing and you look cute. :)

    xo, Shiki


    1. thank dear^^..i'm happy that you like the pic..Japan is full of wonderfull place*_*!!