lunedì 20 febbraio 2012

Paris and meet gals in Milan

Hello swetiest^^! How are  you??
I'm super exitaded today!! Why? Becouse tomorrow I'll take the plane that will take me to Paris!!1 Yuppiii!! i'm really happyy^o^! I'm super happy, in can see Louvre, Versailles, Notre Dame....and more!! I love art so muuucchhhhh *ç*, and this travel whit my dear friend will be great  ;)!

Yesterday i was go to Milan for a meting whit some wonderfull gals^^!
It 'was a beautiful afternoon, and I met some new girls.
I want show you some photos; first, sushi resturant!!

 i'm really idecise XD

All was super yummi!!
And...Happy Birthday Nana^0^!!

Aftet the resturand, goes to China town for a lillte bit of shopping and see cute boys XD!
I buy some stuff, here toghere whit my new top Golds Infinity*_*!! I love it!!

Outfit for the meet:
 My make up i too light for agejo style (?) , right?

OMG scary face XD , this when i back to home

Well i'm finish >_<!!I hope i've not bored you. Recommendations  and critiques are always welcome ^ ^

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  1. You look really nice! : D : D All the food looks yummy!

    1. thanks you honey^^!! The food was delicious =w=