mercoledì 1 febbraio 2012

Winter, cold, snow...and Gyaru Spring collection! _Liz Lisa & WC_

First on thing:

This's the situation now. And tomorrow i must go to job XD....can i say it?

ahahahah...Btw, how are you girls? I'm hope fine ^^!!
In this day here in Italy is really cold!! I like the snow, but dont' the cold XD.....so this afternoon I went with two of my friends to have a drink a nice hot tea with biscuits .. really delicious!
I think I want to console the spring collections of brand Gyaru .... and I found the first catalogs ^ ^! We go to see them together? 
Sooo, let's go! Tha brand are WC and Liz Lisa ( i love it)!! When i see the summer dress, i'm feel happy^^!!

Cute eh?^^! I really like this style, color and sporty.
 For the LizLisa collection, i was start whit my favorite, becose are so many.
Name of this collection is " Love Pasterine"

I love everything^^.
Is late..so better than i'll go now...before to sleep, i'll game whit the Nintendo DS, i must finish Proff Layton and lost future and Cooking Mama Hobby and fun^^. eheheeheh..i like more this game,and I know that it must come out of a speaking Gyaru, in particular working as a host and Agejo; the title is  Kyabajyoppi
super cute^^!I dont' can wait ><!!!

One big kiss honey!! See you soon^o^!

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  1. I'm in love with everything!!! I want everything!! I wish I were rich!!! hahahaha

    Kanan how are you?? *o* I hope you're doing well!! Please be careful because it's quite cold lately!! >__<