domenica 11 marzo 2012

some new outfit and...

Hello everyone^^! Spring is coming...yuppiii!! i'm super happy!! Today is sunny and warm =w=, i can take of the sock..XD!!ahahahah!!
So...i'm back 2 week ago from Paris; i love this city, is really beautifull, full of art and history...and japanese too XD!!The museum of Louvre was full of japanise boys and girls,  and more cute gyaru *o*!!!I'm really surprised.

The 8 March was my birthday, together the woman day^^.I was to the chinese resturant whit my dear friend; all was delicius *_*!! I don't have photo ç_ç, i make only of my outfit first go out.

Shirt: tally
Short: DreamV
Boots+ bag: Liz Lisa

I was curly the hair, but i've no time  

And this's the outfit of this afternon:

My package from taobao was start...hope tha it arrive soon *_*!! I really want show you the new items..i love it!! In this day i buy more item from MBook XD!!! I've win 1 ma*rs skirt and a LizLisa dress, both for less of 2000 yen *_*!!!
Thanks for reading, byee!!


3 commenti:

  1. Spring is really coming! I love your outfit!

  2. yay!! Thanks honey^_^!i really love wear spring and summer dress

  3. Ma che bella gonna mi piasce moltissimo!!!
    Primavera siiii!!!!!!! Come stai? Io ho stato a l´Itala due settimane fa... HAI UN PAESE... ¡¡WAO!! penso di vivere la...... :3