lunedì 18 novembre 2013

Winter stuff // whislist for Xmas

 Hello cutipie!! Today finally i post my new gets for the winter; this is the yeat of fluffy sweater and onee stuff. Lately i love wear more oneegyaru style, but i always love rokku and roma style too.
Anyway,lets start

The pack...one 7kg..omg XD!!

And my stuff all together

Snidel top,ear  hat and collant

 Ingni sweater

Ingni dress

 Ingni maxi camisole

Chanel style

Cross Dress and hat whit rivet

Ma*rs set

 Ma*rs romper

 Ma*rs accessories

Dolly shoes

New wig
 And some random gifs from the shop *w*

Ok..it's all!! I was really happpy and excited when the packeges was arrived**!! Do you like them^^?!

And now...my wishlit for xmas. I really like all...but i don't kwon if i can buy all XD!!I'm glad if you want some stuf for me eheheheh XD!!

Glad News dress

Datura dress, i like pink or lilac**

Random shirt

 Liz Lisa dress

Resexxy cardigan

 Flower print shirt

Datura print rose dress...i really love**!!

Ma*rs bag

Check shirt

Ma*rs dress

The skirt *ç*!!
 And other dress

See you soon !!! leave me a comment if you like this post..byee :)!!

10 commenti:

  1. very nice items you got there:3 my fave is the ingni dress♥

    I like your wishlist. the first ma*rs dress looks really cute.I saw it online and already thought it's so nice*-*

    1. Ingni is one of my fav brand, have always cute stuff^^!!
      i hope to buy all them...eheheh..i lvoe this ma*rs dress, the print is super lovely**

  2. Nice items <3. They`re really cool ^^.

    That GLAD NEWS dress...I want it too TwT...but also the skirt from MA*RS , but it`d be too short on me ;.;.

    1. thanks honey :*!!

      yes..the mars skirt is really short ç__ç!!damn!
      i really like the Glad new dres..i hope to find it :)!

  3. wow you bought a lot of cute items! i like mars set especially, very lovely^^

    1. thanks dear, i'm glad that like you ^0^!!
      i lvoe the mars set..but the skirt is really short for me XD

  4. oddio ma che mega paccone *^* anche io non vedo l'ora di fare un super mega ordine natalizio!!! Il tuo è pieno di cose bellissime!!!! Da dove hai fatto l'ordine?! era un negozio?! <3

    1. sono contenta ti piacciano >__<!! anchio non vedo l'ora di fare un altro ordine..anche se mi occorrono soldini XD!
      le cose le ho prese su taobao e le altre in asta (tipo le cose di mars)--cmq su tao ci sono un mucchio di negozi carini dove trovare anche brand come liz lisa, ingni, glad news... ^^

    2. uh si si ho chiesto per il negozio perchè avevo letto "And some random gifs from the shop *w*" e non so perchè non ho pensato a taobao XDDD comunque ora dovrai fare mille post con tutti gli outfit, non vedo l'ora <3

    3. ah..no no..ogni tanto i negozi di taobao qnd compri ti fanno dei regalini XD..anyway..spero di poter fare presto le foto cn i coordinati, a trovare il tempo >_<!!