mercoledì 13 novembre 2013

I'm alive // Lucca comics and new gets

Hello!!! A long time that i post, sorry dears >__<!!I was really busy in this weeks, but now i've time for blogging.
So let's begin !
The 1th November i goes whit my friend at Lucca Comic And Games, the biggest event in Italy about manga, anime, games and cosply event.
I was very happy to go, and I enjoyed it very much. I wear my yukata for the event, but the nex year i want wear a serius cosplay. 
I've only few pics, becaose my cam is dead just before i was arrived here XD...so lucky!! And the other my pic whit full outfit... has hostage by my friend damn XD!

This's me, in car.

My lunch, yakisoba*ç*!!

 i and my friend whit a giant lego Darth Vader----loveee!
and her whit Chopper...one of mt fav chara of One Piece
and this is the stand or Umbrella Corporation, a big intallation of Resident Evil...love**!!!!

all was so realistic°°!!
  whit Nemesissss!! XD

Always last week, i've received one little pack, but i don't waiting nothing, so i thinked was strange. Anyway, i open it and i find this.
I thought there was a mistake ... but then I discovered that it was a gift from my dear friend....she said me that when she saw thi on ebay,  she immediately thought to myself, so wanted her to give me like present *__*!! SO SWEEETTT!!! 
i've really love her, this's a really sweet gift.

For finish, today are arrived 2 big pack that i waiting*_*!!! I'm a super happy girl.
I've buy a lot of stuf, XD but i'll show you in the nex post. For now..a litlle preview

you're curios now?XD!!

For now, take some pics of the coord of today

 bye bye

4 commenti:

  1. anche io ho comprato quella collanina è troppo chu *^* comunque con lo yukata stai da dio ;£; e le lentine rosa ti stanno benissimooooo anche io le voglio comprare ora!!! Pensavo l'effetto fosse bambina posseduta invece sono un amore *^*

    1. grazie, sei un tersoro..*///*!!
      la collana è stata veramente un bella sorpresa, ho visto anchio che ce l'hanno in tante, ehehe^^.
      le lenti rosa a me piacciono tanto...con il flash si notato di più ma con la luce normale sono più delicate, se ti picciono te le consiglio :)!

  2. Nice coord~! <3 I can`t wait to see what you got in your next post :3.

    1. thank honey ^o^.
      i made a new post soon, i promise :)!