domenica 29 settembre 2013

Black lover// gyaru web shop, daily life and coords

Hello cuties!!!
Today post i full of notice, new and some pics...i hope that like you...and take me a comment if you want, i'm always happy to read your opinion^0^!!
 But first...

Happy b-day my great friend Laura, i love you honey.

This week was full, work, friend, trouble, family...all the same thing. I want made a new order, but i find so more stuff that i want cry ç_ç!!! I need moneyyy XD!!!
For now i've buy one pair of new circle lense and a Glamorus Jane dress.
Lately i  search web store that sell items from brands like Ma*rs, Me Jane and other...and i see that now Yesstyle sell this brands*_*!!
You can find Ma*rs, Golds Infinity, Me Jane, Liz Lisa and Glavil!

I've see that price are quite good, and the shipping now is free, so is a really good accasion!!

About other....this's a little diary of my past week^_^.

1- The time whit cake....i yeah, i'm fucking cake lover**!

 2- Saturday Party Night...so funny**!

3- Cooking time.

4- Time whit my friends.
And my outfit of yesterday, i wear my Glamorous Jane dress.

Dress + jacket: Glamorous Jane
Collant: taobao
Heal shoes: taobao

I wanted dress agejo style, but more "easy"....simply hair but i mad my make up more darker of my usual.

and my face spam pics XD

And this's me this afternoo..i was go out for buy a present whit my friends.
After the "aggressive" of yesterday night, today i'm a "good" bon ton girl ^3^...eheheheh

 Top: Tally
Skirt: Murua
Tight: randoma shop in Japan
Bag: Vivienne Westwood

duck face.. my real nature

So...i remember now that i wanted show you my last stuff...but i made other post for this °3°. I've some old coord...but all in the next post, ok?!
A lot of kisses...and if you want, leave me one comment

6 commenti:

  1. cute outfits♥
    I also saw that yesstyle now sells many different gyaru brands but I don't really know if it's better/cheaper for me. I think they ship from the US? so shipping from the US or from Japan is roughly the same to my country.-. I think I'll stick with ordering directly from the shops then

    1. Hi honey, for now i see that shipp is free worldwide, so this 's a good news :). But i dont' kwnor if this promotios is for ever or not...but for now you can take advantage of this ;)!

  2. Risposte
    1. thank u honey °3°, i'm happy that like you ♥

  3. ma le ciglia che hai usato sono bellissime, sono iper giganti!!! e il vestito di glamorous jane è un amore!!!

    1. si, sono le più "vistose" che ho, le ho costumizzate da delle vecchie ciglia:)

      GJ fà un sacco di abitucci carini..non vedo l'ora che mi arrivi quello che ho comprato un paio di sett fà **