mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013

Last stuff and autumn inspiration

 Hello cutipies!  Its really cold today, i want only stay under my warm, fluffy plaid, watch films and eat chocolate.
But i'm here anyway in front of my pc, searching random pics, online magazine and other usefull thing.
In the last post i forgett to show you my latest shopping, so today i'll show.

Liz Lisa dress

                                                               Liz Lisa dress again
                                                       i really like this dress, i lvoe the lace **!
                                                                      Snidel sweater

                                                                  random accessory

I've buy this dress, i hope that arrived soon*w*!!

 Lately i see a lot of trend for this season, i love all...and since i love roma , onee and rokku style, my shopping is quite hard to choise xD!Anyway, this's the style that i want wear this autumn/winter.

Guri and Gura style

 I love them*_*!!! There 're always my big inspiration, cordd super fashion and cute. And i really love the new  Chie hair color , suit her really well.

- Other my new love is the Jacket "chanel" style....i love this kind of coord....is super cool and alegant.
Love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

                 Maxi  sweater + leopard skirt/short = pure love **

and other kind of coord....

see you honey, xoxo

12 commenti:

  1. I love some of those coords and they`re really inspiring! I love that cross necklace from Forever 21 and that SNIDEL sweater <3. They`re amazing :3.

    1. hi dear...how are you?
      the nackless is super cute..and super cheap XD!!Forever21 have always a lot of cute accessoryes a good price.
      There're a lot of inpire coord...i'm hapopy that we 've the same taste :)!!

  2. i due vestiti di lizlisa sono bellissimi, e anche l'ultimo che hai comprato, aspetto di vedere foto indossato perchè mi piace tanto *^*

    1. grazie dolcezza, anchio li adoro °w°..il vestitio spero arrivi presto, cosi faccio anche la rev del sito da cui l'ho preso^o^

  3. Hi beautiful princess,
    Im Hanasaku and I think your blog is gorgeous (I followed it)
    If you want you can follow me to: http://princesshanasaku.blogspot.com/
    .....and if you really want you can make a little advertisment for my blog ^0^ Im really exited for more posts of you <3

    1. Hi dear, thanks for you sweet comment, i'm really happy that like you the blog^w^!!and thanks for follow me.
      Surely 'll see your blog, don't worry :)!!

  4. The snidel sweater is so nice! Haha I know what you mean >< Liking different styles makes shopping so much harder lol

  5. Yeah honey...is really hard choise, ineed a lot of money and space in my wardrobe :-)

  6. aw your Liz Lisa dress is so beautiful n.n

  7. ciao carissima,
    quando hai tempo passa dal mio blog.. c'è un piccolo regalo..
    a prestoooo