lunedì 20 maggio 2013

Colors in this rainy days // new gets, new coord

Hello dears ! How are you? I hope fine!
My trip in Japan is is getting closer!These days I have heard that there have been other earthquakes .. I hope nothing happens >_<! Fight Nihon!!
Here in Italy rain always,,,i really hate this wheather >_>. I've so much cute summer clothes that i want wear...is really sad ç_ç.
For this reason, yesterday i went whit my lovely friend to see a little bit of shopping....and of course, I could not resist

Leoperd colors skirt....i more colorfull, the pic is bad >_>

Flower pants...i see more on Popteen like tihs print**

Long top whit skull...simply but i'm fall!

There're a lot of wonderfull clothe, full of colors and summer prints....*w*

 And this's my coord for shopping time yesterday; hime kaji looks!

                                                                         TOP : Liz Lisa   
                                                                          Skirt: Liz Lisa                                                 
                                                                          Hight boot: offbrand
                                                                       Accessories: Paris Kids,random brand

                                                                      Make up, more "natural"

 And some random pics...

After this, the evening  we had a party at a friend's house, so i changed my outfit. It was really fun, i've play a lot whit Just Dance 4 ...play with my friends it was really great, we had great fun. I'm totally denied for the dance eheheh XD.

i'm inspire from Ranzuki coord that i've find on Tumbr...i like it so much :)

Nyaaaa...now i think i go on to read the new capitol of "Kaicho Wa Maid -sama!"; i've see the anime and i'm fall*_*!! now i want read all the manga...Usui and Misaki are so cuteee >////<! and make me laugh a lot XD 

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20 commenti:

  1. Omygosh! I played just dance too this weekend! Its just so fun
    random dancing the whole time!
    and good for fat burning <33

    I love your sweater!! nice print and youre skirt/boots look awesome!

    greetz, lenie

    1. Oh really^o^? wowo,,is popular XD! You're righ, is perfect for loose weight and have fun in the same time ;)!

      thanks for the sweet comment, you're always kind ^w^!!


  2. the flowerprint pants are so cute! I want some too^^

    1. flower print are my favorite for the spring/summer!
      If you like it, you can find similar to H&M , i see^w^

  3. Your outfits are always so cute! I love them!

    1. thanks honey>////<!! you'r so kind sweety, i'm glad that like you my style...feel me happy^0^!!

  4. troppo carina.. shopping fantastico!!! e quell'anime l'ho visto anche io e me ne sono completamente innamorata..

    1. ahh..grazie, in effetti sono assai soddisfatta, sopratutto perchè sono cose che cercavo da un pò ^^!

      lo segui anche te? io ultimamente sono nella fase anime romantici...eheheh^^! se ti è piaciuto questo, prova a vedere anche Hiyokoi, anche se c'è solo 1-2 puntate per ora su you tube

  5. i love the flowers print pant !!! *.*
    and of course the top with skulls

    1. thanks dear ^0^...i'm happy that you like them. We like the same style /stuff i think :)!

    2. Yes i think so !! so we have good tastes right ? ah ah

      X.O.X.O <3

  6. I want the flower print pants so badly ;.; . But I think I`m too fat to look good in them ! Haha !
    I love your outfits and I`ll always love them a lot ! :3 They`re so cute ! Like you ! *^o^*

    1. arigatoo honey^^!!
      don't tel this thing>_<, i'm sure that the flower print suit you well^^!!
      really thanks for you compliments, i'm happy that like you my coord >///<!

      a big huge

    2. No need to thank me~! ^^ Really ! :3
      Yep...After I`ll lose weight I`ll buy a pair for sure ! *on a diet right now*
      As I said before , no need to thank me ! ^^ I like your coords because you`re really good at doing them ! *sorry for my English >.<.*
      *biiiig hug* ^o^

    3. ohh,,you're really cute and sweet çwç!!!
      i'm diet too, so fightXD!! I am sure that soon you'll get great results, and I can not wait to see you ^_^! obviously with a beautiful flowered dress, you'll be fine :)

      a lot of kisses^w^

  7. omg I love everything especially the floral pants. it's so pretty. *o* the falsies looks really great on you!
    btw, I have a few giveaways on my blog. Here's the link, just in case you want to join? :D
    ♔ Fashion Giveaway ♔
    ♔ CC Cream Giveaway ♔
    ♔ Marxie ♔

    1. thank you dear^^!! you're so kind^w^!

      i'll be happy to enjoy in your giveaway;)!!


  8. I love your blog and i'm your new follower.

    xo, Shiki


  9. hyaaaa..thank you dear>///<, i'm really happy that you like the blog anf follow me!

    i visit you soon^0^