domenica 6 maggio 2012

Review Dueba Diamond Blue Lens


Today post is a little review of my new lense, i hope that like you^^!

Name: Diamond Blue 
Brand: Dueba
Size: 14,5 mm
Color: blue

So, i really want try this lense, beacouse liked me^^. I buy it from Lense Village, and usinge the specil code i've a discount^^.
Ship is traceable and fast, really recommended.
 This my pic:
 I really like the case, is a Fish-ball XD! cutiee^^!

 The lense

 Whit lense and whitout them. 

The effect is super, do you think? yo can see much difference, but because I have brown eyes. No flash effect is really am the most beautiful. purtruppo I could not make the photo, because it was blurry XD (my camera is a little stupid).

Here they are together. I wanted to try the new eyelashes that I had to get there, Dolly Natural ayes. But there I speak in the next post ^ ^

So.. the vote:

Color:  4/5
Effect: 4/4
Confort: 3/5
Enlargement : 5/5

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  1. Uoooh incredibile!!!! sono bellisime!
    Grazie per partezipare nel mio giveaway! Good Luck! :D

    1. Grazie Candy^^! sono contenta di partecipare..e spero di vincere.eheheh! XD
      ne farò uno anchio..forse; se arriveo ai 100 follow ^^

  2. HI^^
    I love Japanese fashion too. This is my blog:
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    1. thanks for the visit and your comment^^.