sabato 5 novembre 2011

Make up help!!

Hello princess!!How are you? Today i want ask your help!! Please! My principal problem in this time is the make-up ( than the lose weight eheheh); i don't improve as i will ç_ç. 
I thought that this make up on me in the eyes is not good, I should make it less dark; or maybe in the wrong foundation, I should make more use of shadow .. and my eyebrows are too dark are not good ... I do not know XD
Do you have some suggestion? 

This my usual ayes make up ( today i've bottom lashes too):

i try to make nose contouring, but don't see in the photo é-è.
Now i order and buy some make up stuf, and new lashes from Diamond lash. I see the new collection of Kiko..I love it**
 So...i'm waitng your suggestions^o^! You gal are more beautifull gyaru than me, I can learn a lot from you!

Than..i show you the make up of Halloween^^..is a bite late..eheheh .
Today otfit:

And halloween...porcelain doll? princess? wth ?? XD

thank for reading^^!!A big kiss^^!

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  1. I think your makeup is fine.. .I am not an excerpt myself too! But at least you are willing to try!

  2. Ma Dai Kanan! Io penso che il tuo make up é bene!
    Ora parlo in english perche non ho parole per parlare bene ah ah ah :
    If you want changes try new colours of make up. For example you can start with the khols and eye-liners... Your eyebrows on my opinion aren´t too dark. (worse is wear light eyebrows with dark hair haha)You are well dolly! I love your bottom lashes! I think the colours you choose for your eyes are the best because they do your eyes bigger! But what kind of changes do you want? Tell me please and maybe I can do something for you, but all is in internet hahaha
    the better thing I can say you: try try try & try with diferent make up, go to a beauty shop and maybe they make up you or say you some tips.
    Sei incredibile a Halloween! Il make up é fabuloso!
    Bacione Kanan!

  3. I really like your eye make-up already, there´s not that much room for improvement! =)

    As you already mentioned yourself, maybe some different upper lashes would be great. The ones you´re wearing on the photo seem to disappear a bit (maybe they´re not that much curved?).

    There´s also something about the eyeliner on the upper lid... The line does end too far from the waterline, I think. Maybe you can try to draw it some more down, according to the shape of the eye? o.O

    I agree with Candy otherwise, just try out a lot of different styles - it´s so much fun, and maybe you can find a new make-up technique that you really like! =D

    Keep up the great work gal, you´re fabulous! and I love your hair! x3

  4. thank girls*_*!!you've alright, i must try more and more >o<!!

    Candy..parli sempre meglio l'italiano^^!! quando vieni nel nostro paese?
    grazie per il tuo consiglio..sei adorabile^^!!

  5. XD yes good luck! ^^
    Parlo meglio L´italiano? XD XD XD bene bene alora parleró cosí *u*
    Vado al vostro paese in Febraio! Sono HAPPYYYY :D
    Ma ancora non so le citté, boh si, ma non ho molta informazione. Faremo un píccolo tour pero tutto il paese. Ahh... non posso aspetare piú!!! D:
    Grazie per tutto! :D

  6. Wow creepy halloween makeup! Love it! And I've tagged you in a post! http://xiaoqingqiang.blogspot.com/2011/11/popteen-december-2011-gyaru-makeup.html

  7. Hi!!
    My english is very bad...however...I liked you blog!
    and I read about Kiko, I love this shop haha,
    another day I was lookingfake eyelashes in this shop.
    I think you are using nice circle lenses
    and nice photos.
    I follow you!!
    i hope you visit my blog, but I use spanish.
    See you!
    (sorry abouy my english)

  8. I think u're even better than me, speaking of eye make up, I'm really a suck, lolz.

  9. HIHI!!! I love ur blogggg (L) its soooo cute!!!!
    your makeup is so cute and u are tu sooooo cute!!^^
    Your photos about halloween are very nice!!
    I followuu!!*O*