domenica 27 novembre 2011

Gyaru or ned?? Why choose?

....more tired!!! My job it's really hard in this period çoç!!
Hi girls..i miss you xD? How are you?
I don't have a particolare news, so i want reassume you my principal older event:

- i goes whit my friend in the termel center *ç*!! love this place =w=
- goes to the japen resturant
- bough new manga e  PS3 games

One this game is Alice Madness- returns. Do you know it? It's a horror/action rpg on the Alice in the wonderland 's story.

I love this games**!! And soon i must buy Assassin's Creed Revelation, FF13-2 and Tomb Raider!! I can't wait .
A (stupid) person one more time  wrote that who dress gyaru ,can't be nerd. What do you think? Who wears Gyaru can't have passions as a manga or video games? She must think only about clothes and makeup? I dont think so >_>
I know that in Japan, nerd and otaku are not appreciated, and if call you "otaku", it's no good things....buy this's really stupid for me.

In the and...this my outfit, today. It's a poor of accessories, but i go out fast XD..i'm not more satisfied >_<!! But the make up it's cute^^, i try new lashes....do you like it? or better the other?

 My new shoes..


9 commenti:

  1. Hey =) Oh i also don't think that you have to make a choice. I like some video games as well, along with soo many other things that are not "gyaru" :p
    hey, i thought I'd follow you..make you can as well?

  2. Hi^0^! you have righn..i don't want make a choice, i'm both^^/!I am glad that you think like me.

    Follow me? i'm onorate, tnks^_^...I add you now

  3. well..i love gyaru,too and i'm a nerd :D
    I have Alice,too and it's such a great game *Q*

  4. i just found your blog! and im a ne follower<3

  5. Hey, haha I reel like commenting again :) thank you soo much for the follow! means a lot :D
    thought I'd mention that I love that white lacy dress. If you know gossipgirl, theres a character whose name is Blair and she's got one like this too. I'm so jalous of youu x

  6. Thanks girls^^!!

    Keki-chan....i see this telefilm, but anly a few time. This dress i like it so much...remember me Liz Lisa, but this more chep thate the original XD

  7. Your makeup and outfit is lovely dear :)

  8. you look great. going party? nice outfit.